GoTimeshare's Best of the Christmas Travel Gadgets Gift List

 Jetting away soon? With the countdown to Santa Season now on, we’ve rounded up eight of the top travel gifts anyone from grannies to grand daughters would be thrilled to find under the tree early on Christmas morning!


Digital luggage scale

Timeshare is one of the most eco and economical ways to holiday, but the cost of your flight can make a sometimes make a dent in your pocket so every single little saving helps! As we know all too well, excess baggage fees at the airport can be extortionate –  some airlines charge up to £20 per excess kilo. If you or someone you know tends to pack half the wardrobe, 10 pairs of shoes, and the entire bathroom cabinet, then you might want to invest in an advanced digital luggage scale. They wont break the bank at just under a tenner – and so worth it! 

Trunki Trixi Ride-on suitcase

Here’s a good way to keep the kids happy on both Christmas day and at the airport.  Kids will love being wheeled through the terminal on these cute ride-on suitcases so you can join that group of perfect families who look so calm and collected while moving through security.

Mini speakers

Wherever you go, your music (and books) go with you? For the perfect soundtrack to your next holiday, pop one or two portable speakers in to the handluggage to turn your iPod or MP3 player into a mini sound system.  They also interconnect (you can attach them to each other), boosting the volume and sound quality – not quite Ibiza beach party volume perhaps, but pretty powerful nevertheless. Compact and cute, with surprisingly good sound quality, you’ll never be more than an “ON” switch away from all your favourite Christmas songs.

Swiss Army Knife

One of Switzerland’s most famous exports along with cheese fondue and extremely good watches, a Swiss Army Knife is a brilliant multi-tasker. From cutting to serious needs like severing ropes and fishing lines to not so serious uses like opening a beer at the end of the day, this cleverly designed compact tool has it all. Just remember to pack it in your hold luggage as you can’t take this in your cabin bag.

Passport Pouch

Travel in style and keep your documents safe with a designer passport wallet. Available in a variety of materials from neon to safari-style distressed leather, these wallets will make you look like a super organised frequent flyer (even if you’re far from it)! Some makes even have body straps so you can keep all your valuable cards and tickets safe and close to you, throughout your trip abroad.

Kindle Paperwhite

Some of miss real paperbacks, others can’t live without a Kindle. If you know someone who packs more books than clothes when it comes to their holidays then a Kindle is a must. Books aren’t just heavy and space hungry, they’re also more expensive than Kindle versions of the same book.  Even if you weren’t sure about getting used to reading off a screen with the Kindle’s new white background you’ll soon forget you’re reading from an electrical gadget once you get into that brilliant holiday thriller. Also, no need to move on to the hotel’s abandoned bookshelves once you finish your stash as the built in Wi-Fi access lets you to download a book in 60 seconds. 

747 Things To Do on a Plane

This book is a great stocking-filler for the kids! While you can take a sleeping pill and sit peacefully with a glass of red getting in the zone for your holiday, the kids aren’t so great at sitting still on long-haul flights. This book will keep them quiet and happy while you cross the sky, or while you’re making your way through those painfully long check-in or security queues!

Travel Hair Straighteners

The ultimate gift for the teenager who’s constantly battling frizzy hair on humid beaches, travel straighteners are a Santa saviour! Less than half the size of a normal pair these slip nicely into hand luggage and will keep her mane beautifully tamed all holiday long.


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