Fun walk at CLC World resort

A charitable couple, Jennie and Paul Hunt, who are owners with CLC World Resorts & Hotels, organised a fund raiser for leukaemia and lymphoma research while on holiday at the company’s Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort in Turkey.

The cause has special significance to them as they had lost a friend to the disease, and they were thrilled with the turn-out and support from other guests, freehold owners, resort staff who helped with the organisation and CLC World, who donated a holiday voucher.

At a quiz night, as part of the endeavour, the holiday voucher was auctioned for £300 and presented to Roger and Julia Baker, also property owners at Apollonium, by Cenk Turanli (director, Turkish operations). The sum they offered was added to the 1,168 Turkish Lira raised from the two events.

Mert Doruk, Apollonium’s general manager, said: “It was a great way to raise money for a very worthwhile charity and we were delighted to help out with organising the events. Everyone enjoyed themselves.”







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