Five reasons why timeshare works

ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, recently reported that timeshare owners can holiday in over 100 countries at more than 5,000 resorts worldwide, so the saying “the world is your oyster” really does ring true for shared ownership.

From tropical palm-dotted beaches to Norwegian pine-dotted mountains, there has never been a better time to dip into timeshare than now.  Timeshare ownership programmes are more sophisticated than ever, offering more choice, programmes tailored to your family’s lifestyle, and most recently of all, shorter timeshare contracts are appealing to younger owners.

Owners say they like the friendly club atmosphere at their timeshare resorts, and the economies are significant.  Instead of having to dine out every night, families can enjoy cosy dinners at home with DVDs and all the comforts of your own, spacious apartment or townhouse with the delight of waking up to sunshine somewhere near a beautiful bay.

Here are five reasons ARDA members love their timeshares:

1)      More space, less cost: for the cost of a hotel night in a 4-5 star hotel, a spacious timeshare apartment can easily sleep up to six people.

2)      The money saving factor:  You’ve already purchased your timeshare ahead of time, so all you need are flights to and from your resort. And you’ve avoided hotel rate fluctuations as your cost was fixed when you bought.

3)      The money factor: Part 2: being able to eat in.  Why spend money eating out all the time particularly if you’re feeding a family of five? The kids will love their favourite meals at home and you’ll save a small fortune over a seven night period.

4)      The familiarity factor:  Timeshare owners are famously loyal to their favourite resorts, so you’ll most likely bump into friends you met in years past.  For many, this is an important advantage, they like the secure, friendly feel of a resort they know and love – rather than a more impersonal hotel setting.

5)      The flexibility: Yes you can return to your favourite place year after year but if you want to explore the world, there are thousands of resorts to choose from, exchange into (via companies like Dial-An-Exchange, RCI or Interval International) so sun, ski, safari, cruise…they’re all real possibilities depending on your particular timeshare ownership model. If you have two weeks a year, you could take the children away for a fun holiday then escape for a romantic spring week in the Algarve in March.

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