Do they speak English in Britain? ASTA reveals the strangest questions tourists ask

When a travel agent informed a traveller who wanted  to visit both Scotland and Denmark during a short trip was told that couldn’t be done, he replied “But they are only an inch apart on the map?”

Another asked, ‘How can I get to Europe without going by air or sea?’

Then there was the woman who needed an aisle seat because ‘I don’t want a window seat on the plane – I just had my hair done.’

Most of us studied geography at school but it sounds like a few extra classes could be useful for some travellers.

Other requests weren’t about trips and itineraries, they were rather bizarre hotel booking requests, according to the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) which has revealed some of the strangest.

One agent got asked to book the honeymoon suite in a hotel for two couples – in the same suite – while another wanted a great location for a post-wedding getaway for three people…one of them being his mum.

Unbelievably, another client asked for a room at a resort for him and his wife, with another room booked for his girlfriend at the opposite end of the resort.

There were questions about cruises, too. A couple asked if the crew would also be sleeping on their cruise ship, another wondered if he could fish off the ship, and one travel agent was asked about setting up the perfect back drop for a holiday proposal – could it be arranged for whales to “jump out of the water” the minute he proposed?

But perhaps the best one was…

“Do they speak English in Britain?”

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