Breakfast, not Wi-Fi, tops the travel shortlist!

Leading hotel search site has just revealed the results of a survey which asked what amenities were most important to holiday seekers…and guess which one took the top spot?


Complimentary breakfasts stole the number one spot from free Wi-Fi this year, with “an accessible restaurant” in second place.


In fact, Wi-Fi fell to third place when customers were asked to rank a list of 33 commonly sought after amenities, over taken by the breakfast and an accessible restaurant. Other amenities in the top 10 included parking, a swimming pool, a bar and air conditioning.


Meanwhile, much lower down came the need for a hair salon and pet-friendly facilities and services. Interestingly, although 35% of customers revealed themselves to be business travellers, conference and meeting rooms were at the least important end of the scale.


When asked specifically about their actual room or suite, Wi-Fi took the top spot while a bathroom with the option of a shower came second. Least important in this category was childcare.


The findings echo what timeshare owners expect at their self-catering resorts: an onsite restaurant, mini-market and/or patisserie, ideal for breakfast on the terrace in the early morning Malaga sunshine! – and on site Wi-Fi for Tweeting those poolside selfies and emailing everyone back home, direct from the sun lounger.



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