Azure Malta's intrepid motorcycle team raise over £1,000 for charity

An intrepid four-man team of motorcyclists from Azure Malta have raised over £1,000 for charity while riding cross country through Greece in a six day off-road rally.

The riders, all from the Heavenly Collection shared ownership development at Golden Sands in Malta, took on the challenge to raise funds for the Hellas Rally for Cancer Research UK and Help 4 Heroes.

The difficult 1,800 km rally kicked off in Nafpaktos, western Greece, early last month. Project director Perry Newton and Kevin Camilleri, memberships general manager, both representing Azure Malta, are no strangers to charity rides, having previously completed the famous Dakar Rally. 

This time, for the Greek rally, the daredevil duo were joined by marketing department graphic designer Nigel Anastasi and sales manager Alex Collyer.

Before they set out, Newton said: “This ride is for two great charities that are very close to our hearts for personal reasons. I’m very excited, although we haven’t done much riding at all since our Dakar challenge in 2012.

“It’s still a rally, it’s still dangerous, but so long as we ride within our limits and stay hydrated and focused, I’m pretty sure we will end up with a good result.”

Newton said that despite riding 300 to 400km a day, the event is about riding skill and concentration, as well as endurance.

He added: “Your navigational mistakes must be limited if you aren’t to run out of daylight, as that brings in yet another element and is a complete game changer, as we discovered previously in the deserts and mountains on our race to Dakar.

“It can change an eight to 12-hour daily rally stage into an overnight nightmare very quickly!”

The Heavenly Collection at Golden Sands is an affiliate of The Registry Collection, which prompted the Azure Team to take an unlikely mascot with them on their adventures – a cut-out image of the timeshare industry’s most famous Greek, RCI VP Dimitris Manikis.

Donations have topped the £1,000 mark and you can see the highlights of the Azure Team’s ride last month on their Facebook page and at

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