Around the world in 80 days … an adventure in Timeshare


The fictional tales of Phileas Fogg from the Jules Vern 1873 classic “Around the World In Eighty Days” have inspired many an epic adventure. But, can you go round the world using a timeshare? One company is about to attempt just that.

Using a membership of 80,000 timeshare points, eXpectations Holidays are about to embark on a virtual journey to circumnavigate the globe in no less than 80 days.

“We’re hoping this exercise will dispel a few myths about timeshares and, at the same time, inspire existing owners to get more value from their products.” Said Roy Forsdick, Commercial Director of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket the company that has developed the eXpectations Holidays product.

“Timeshare points products can provide holidaymakers with an enormous amount of flexibility especially when it comes to the number of holidays that can be taken in any one year.”

For those who are less familiar with timeshare points and their value, 80,000 points is approximately how many would be required to book a 3 bedroom August week in Spain through RCI.

So how do eXpectations Holidays intend to stretch out a round-the-world trip from a single membership of 80,000 points?

“Our strategy is to stick to studio units wherever possible and make use of late availability discounts which can shave up to 50% off the amount of points needed to book a particular holiday. Since we are setting off on March 8th the season will play to our advantage too since the points value of accommodation is cheaper outside of the peak season. We do have Easter to consider although by that time we should have reached India where this holiday period has less effect on demand.”

In keeping with the concept of the original novel where fact meets fiction, whilst all bookings shall be based on real-time availability from RCI, the journey itself will be a virtual one with regular updates over the coming twelve weeks via the company’s blog, facebook and twitter.

Setting off on March 8th the journey begins with a week in Italy’s Umbria region before moving on to Greece and Egypt.

You can keep track of the adventure via the eXpectations Holidays blog, twitter and facebook.

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