8 Of The World's Top Spa Experiences from Hammams to Hydrotherapy

Spa-centric holidays are on the rise, in fact they’re one of the top holiday trends happening at the moment.  Certain parts of the world are historically linked to therapeutic treatments – think of the Hammams in Morocco or the steam baths in Istanbul, for example.

There are some surprises, too – who’d have thought Iceland would be the place for hot thermal waters and blue lagoons? In fact its famous Blue Lagoon is just one of around 800 hot springs in the country!

When you think about it, a holiday is a form of therapy, so if you’re looking for a bit of TLC on your next timeshare escape, we’ve rounded up some of the most incredible beauty treatments around – and all based on ingredients and rituals native to the country you’re visiting. From Bali to Morocco, here are some of the best beauty experiences you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

Evian-les-Bains – hydrotherapy

While we’ve all heard of Evian water, did you know you can also experience the magic of the French Alps and some famous Evian-les-Bains hydrotherapy treatments, based on the world famous water? The local spa attracts visitors from around the world who flock here to enjoy the therapeutic powers of Evian year-round.

Bali – Javanese lulur massage

Spas in Bali are magical experience, especially when you’re enjoying a Javanese lulur massage with flower petals in marble bath tubs. With a Lulur massage, you can expect plenty of romantic, relaxing aromas, usually while enjoying magnificent views to the Indian ocean or a lush garden surrounded with tropical flowers. It’s a wonderfully heady, relaxing experience.

Istanbul – steam baths

Turkish baths are famed for their opulence and “hammams” are your chance to experience a traditional massage, along with steam baths and sweet Turkish tea. The Hammam is the perfect chance to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the exotic city and emerge completely relaxed and refreshed.  Side note: it’s great therapy for aching legs, if you’ve overdone the city sightseeing on foot!

Iceland – Blue Lagoon

With geysers, hot thermal waters, therapeutic elements and breathtaking scenery – what more could you possibly want? The Blue Lagoon has stunning turquoise waters that are known to be therapeutic and are just one of 800 hot springs in the country.

Pamukkale – mineral springs

In one of the dreamiest destinations in the world, Pamukkale is famous for its white cliffs with natural infinity pools. There’s also a spa and teahouse there, as well as gorgeous gardens – perfect for body and soul

Thailand – Thai massage

Thai massage is all about the deep tissue, but add into this the tropical beaches, the traditional Thai women and the exotic landscapes, and it’s like a mini break in one massage.

Hawaii – traditional therapies

With seashell massages, volcanic ash facials, hot lava stones, scrubs with exotic fruits… what more could you possibly need? Especially when you’re relaxing in lush garden settings amidst tropical flowers and mouth-watering food.

Morocco – Hammams

With its beautiful architecture and comfortable rooms, the Hammams of Marrakech combine old with the new, offering an experience that is worth every penny. And it’s not just the surrounding beauty that will wow you; it is the treatments themselves, full of history and thorough cleansing techniques, creating a “”new you” beauty treatment like never before! For Moroccans, a hammam is part of daily life.  For visitors, it’s a unique experience you’ll remember forever.

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