6 Reasons to take an Eco-friendly Timeshare Holiday

How eco-friendly is your timeshare resort? With more and more resorts focusing on water conservation measures and recycling, there’s never been a better time to book a break where you’ll be helping local communities as well as the planet.


 Help the economy of local communities that need it

Tourism is a huge industry – one of the world’s largest.  Every time you choose a timeshare resort for your next break, you can help the local economy and contribute to keeping local workers in jobs.  Your spending power can really make a difference in certain destinations – countries like Greece and Morocco depend heavily on  tourism – plus, your pounds or euros will go further there. Or, lower your carbon footprint and holiday closer to home.  Many of Britain’s best timeshare resorts are located in Britain’s top beauty spots – Cornwall, Devon, The Lake District and The Scottish Highlands have some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery.

Choose resorts with an eco philosophy

You know that note in your hotel bathroom asking you to help conserve water by reducing the amount of “towel laundry” needed? Every towel helps! When you re-use towels during a short stay you’re helping combat unnecessary water waste.  The same goes for switching off the air con and lights when you leave. Many hotels have an auto switch –off system to help save on electricity when you go out.

 Buy eco-friendly souvenirs

By choosing gifts and products that are sustainably produced where the money goes straight back to local workers (such as the Berber women who make argan beauty oil in Morocco), you’re again helping economically-challenged communities and  protecting the planet at the same time. And when you refrain from buying products made from protected or endangered wildlife, you’re sending a clear message, too.  If nobody buys unethical products, they won’t be produced – it’s as simple as that.

 Preserve the past as well as the present

A lot of historic or cultural landmarks rely on the tourist pound, euro or dollar to keep them going. So instead of heading to the nearest mall, why not delve into a bit of local history – the town’s museum or the nature reserve near your resort? Learning about local traditions gives us that extra insight into a place which makes it all the more interesting to discover.  If you’re holidaying near the sea, choose a resort that supports ocean conservation or perhaps donates a percentage of its profits to protecting marine life.

Watch your carbon footprint

For those of us lucky enough to be able to take them, do we really need two long haul holidays a year? Why not stay home, or closer to home, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by cutting down on unnecessary long haul travel.

 Help save water

A bath uses up much more water than a shower, so if you’re holidaying in parts of the world with potential water shortages, a full bath at the end of the day (when a shower would do the trick) isn’t eco friendly – especially if you’re a large family travelling together. In fact, it’s a good idea to switch to showers when you’re home in the UK. Not only will you be saving water, you’ll be lowering your water bill – a win-win!

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