5 Ways to make your Timeshare Points work for you

In the history of timeshare, points are a relatively new concept – and for many, they’re one of the best things about being a timeshare owner.  They’ll buy you flexibility and “in between” holidays both in peak season and at other times of the year when you can squeeze in a long weekend here or there.

Or, you can use them to adapt the size of your accommodation to suit the type of getaway you have in mind – “upsizing” or “downsizing” according to your particular needs.

There are numerous ways to make your points work (harder) for you. Here are five reasons so many timeshare owners opt for points as their favourite way to “pay” for their holidays.

1)    Don’t want or need to be away for a whole week?  Points let you holiday in smaller chunks of time – a 4- day weekend, a 5-day stay…whatever works for you. Instead of being tied to increments of a week or a fortnight, you can spread out your holidays into shorter, more frequent escapes!

2)    You get to choose the size of your unit.  Need a bigger place for an autumn break with all the family? Or is it just the two of you down in Devon for the weekend? This is where the beauty of points comes in – you use the points you need towards the size of accommodation you really need.

3)    Celebrating a special year? Take a cruise. Perhaps you have a 20-year wedding anniversary or a rare family get together coming up next year? Many owners prefer to save up their points and then use them towards a luxury cruise, for the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

4)    Rolling them over.  Many developers allow you to roll over your points into future years, although you’ll want to check this before you sign on the dotted line as different timeshare brands have different timeshare models, so make sure you’ve read the Ts & Cs and understand them.

5)    Got a timeshare you don’t use often but want more flexibility? Ask about ceding yours in exchange for points – you can always top up with more, if you need them.

Furthermore, depending on who you own your points with, you may even be able to use them towards flights or one-night hotel stays.

If you’re buying points, make sure you understand how you can (or can’t) use them.  By holidaying off-season and downsizing into smaller accommodation, or staying at a different resort, it’s possible to make your points “buy more” for you, so the more you know about how they work, the more you’ll enjoy your points-based timeshare.

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