5 Ways to Sell your Timeshare safely

Thinking of selling your timeshare? Here’s how to go about it the right way:

1.       Never sell through a company that cold-calls you or says it has a buyer waiting, this could well be a scam. Even if the company has a website, this could be a “fake site” – if there’s no information about the company visible and just a contact box with no email, address or phone number, this probably doesn’t bode well. And however nice the person is on the phone, don’t get pulled into parting with your money as it is illegal for resale companies to take an upfront payment.

2.       For peace of mind, consider selling (this also applies to buying) through an RDO-approved timeshare resale specialist.  Check the list on the RDO website at www.rdo.org. Many of the companies have multi-lingual staff and information, in French, Spanish, German, etc. as well as English.

3.       Alternatively, you could contact the timeshare developer you bought from as your first port of call and ask them about resales – they may have an in-house programme already in place to facilitate things so everything can be handled on site.

4.   Once you have found a resale company you want to go with, you should still read the small print very carefully. If anything is unclear, make sure it’s clarified for you before you sign on the dotted line.

5. Remember that how quickly your timeshare sells is more often than not dependent on what you actually own, exactly – which season does it fall in, how many bedrooms does it have, which resort is it at and what are the resort amenities, and so on and so forth.  Some types of timeshare are more in demand than others and certain destinations are more popular than others, so a lot depends on what you will actually be selling.

For more information, have a look at GoTimeshare.org’s How To’s and Timeshare Guides.


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