5 Videos That Will Make You Want to Explore Europe

The world is a big place and for almost all of us there is still so much of it left to explore. In fact it can actually be quite overwhelming these days trying to decide where to go on your next holiday, especially as we are often bombarded with beautiful images from far flung destinations across the other side of the world! The fear of missing out (FOMO) is very real these days, making it hard to commit to one place. What if we choose to holiday somewhere, but our friends or family are going somewhere even better. What a dilemma!

So where to start? Well, while Europe can to some seem boring and stuck in the past, it is anything but that. It is one of the most beautiful, inspiring and diverse continents to explore on earth. Each country has its own culture, history and traditions, culinary delights, amazing architecture and spectacular scenery. On top of that there is incredible diversity within each country, with no two cities alike and a stunning selection of natural beauty.

Because of the intriguing differences that exist both between and within all the countries of Europe, you should also expect to be surprised by all the amazing things you will find. While some stereotypes may have a hint of truth, because of course for example the food in Italy really is amazing and the Spanish definitely do know how to party, you shouldn’t believe you know the people and countries of Europe from the odd thing you’ve heard or photo seen. In fact what better way to give you a taste of what you could see in just a small selection of Europe, than some amazing travel videos. Here are 5 videos that will make you want to explore Europe!

Spain is alive in You

Find Inspiration. A journey through Austria.

Portugal – The Beauty of Simplicity

This is Scotland. You are welcome.

Italian Emotions, the Director’s’ Dream

As you can see from each of these videos, there is so much to experience within each of these European countries and of course after you have been to these, there are many more to visit! We hope these videos have given you some great inspiration of where to head to on your next holiday.

We’d love to hear where you are heading to next so let us know via our social media channels and please share this article with others who you know are deciding where to head to next! Enjoy your next European adventure!

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