5 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with Portugal

With so many picture perfect places all around the world, it is sometimes tempting to look further afield than we need to. If you have a quick search for travel on social media you will be bombarded with beautiful images of far flung tropical beaches or incredible cityscapes in countries across the other side of the globe. While it is quite understandable to want to explore as much of the world as possible, sometimes you really don’t need to go far at all to find incredible destinations.

In Europe, there are some absolutely amazing places to visit and stay which are easily accessible and affordable to reach. One of these is Portugal which should definitely be on your must see list of places to visit this year. Don’t just take our word for it though, here are 5 photos that will make you fall in love with Portugal!

Portugal has some truly breathtaking natural beauty!

There is fascinating history right across the country

You will be dazzled by colourful and unique cities such as the charming capital, Lisbon

Did we mention how gorgeous the beaches are?

It’s full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered

If these amazing photos haven’t quite convinced you yet as to why you need to visit Portugal this year, then watch this video below and we’re sure you’ll be ready to start planning your holiday there as soon as possible!

If you enjoyed this blog post and are thinking of visiting Portugal then leave a comment down below and make sure to share this post on social media. If you’ve already been to Portugal then we’d also love to hear from you. What was your favourite part of your holiday and are you planning to visit again?

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