5 Photos to Make You Fall in Love With France

It’s easy to see why France remains the most popular destination in the world and has consistently held onto this coveted position for many years. There is so much to love about this captivating country, whether it is delicious cuisine, high-class fashion, amazing architecture or fascinating history you are after.

If you are looking for city break filled with exploration down stylish streets, packed with beautiful boutiques and charming restaurants and cafes, with visits to museums, theatres and other cultural icons thrown in for good measure, then you will certainly not be disappointed. Or maybe instead you want to see gorgeous natural beauty out in the countryside with gorgeous lakes, mountains, and forests. Then again you may want a holiday by the ocean with incredible coastline vistas and stunning beaches. Whichever of these options you would like, rest assured if you choose to take your next timeshare holiday in France, you will discover a destination that really does have it all.

There are obvious icons known the world over such as the Eiffel Tower or Musée du Louvre in Paris which of course is a city well worth visiting, with its romantic atmosphere that draws millions of tourists from across the globe. Paris is an undeniably beautiful city which you are sure to love, especially with your significant other or family.

On the other hand, France is likely to be so much more than how you picture it in your mind. Sure the croissants, cafe au lait, wine and baguettes are delicious, the clothing stores are definitely chic, and the city streets filled with an undeniable charm, but France has so much more to discover. So if you think you know France just from a few stereotypes, we are sure you will be surprised with the hidden gems it has to offer! Here are 5 photos to make you fall in love with France:

We hope we’ve shown you a side of France that you may not have already known and helped make up your mind to take your next holiday there if you were undecided. It truly is a breathtaking country, full of charm and beauty that you absolutely need to explore for yourself! For some further inspiration on why you should head to France take a look at this awesome video:

If you are planning a trip to France we would love to see your photos and videos, so make sure to tag us on our social media accounts. Have a great time and bon voyage!

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