5 of the best Travel Apps for 2016


Whether it’s finding the best fares or places to stay, travel apps just make our holidays go more smoothly.  Here are five of the best to download before your next getaway


Goodbye Google Maps, hello Citymapper! This is a great app if you’re navigating London’s public transport system, and it’s surprisingly easy to use, too.  It provides detailed journey planners, real time departure times and warnings about disruption along your route. It’s also integrated with Uber and available in about 30 cities all over the world. It’s free – iOS and Android, at citymapper.com


How did we survive without Duolingo? A whopping 70 million or so people have registered with Duolingo already, the free and well designed language learning app.  It’s a great way to get a grip of the basics of a foreign language, even if it it’s not a direct stand-in for lessons. The format is fun, you’re guided through levels you have to complete before you move on to the next one and you “win” points along the way. Duolingo.com

XE Currency

Forget those “approximate” currency calculations in your head, and get on the spot currency conversions instead thanks to XE. It’s now the prime website for calculating costs in different currencies and the app has been downloaded over 20 million times. Although it’s geared for the finance crowd, with historic currency charts and prices for precious metals, for example, it’s a quick and simple way to convert pounds into euros, dollars or whatever the currency is of your next destination. Don’t leave home without it!

One extra feature is the ability to use it offline – it “remembers” the last currency conversion you did, so if there’s no internet connection you can still see the exchange rate the last time you were connected.  Free for iOS and Android, downloadable at xe.com


As the name sounds, this ingenious app splits the bills if you’re travelling in a party. So no more calculating who owes who, or whose bill at that slap up dinner last night was the highest…this simple app will split the costs between friends after tallying up payments – it’s useful, quick and a must-have if you’re travelling with others and need to keep the shared costs fair. Cost: £1.49 at Splittrap.com


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