5 Clever Ways to preserve your Travel Photos

While the sun may well and truly be set on your holiday and the laundry already packed away, most trips carry memories that you want to treasure for a lifetime. If you want to immortalise your latest break forever more, then there are some novel ways of doing this.  Here are a few ideas…

 Travel Journal

In a world which is fast becoming digital-only, a travel journal packed with concert tickets, photos and restaurant receipts is like a 3-D way of documenting your best trips. While you’re in your destination, be sure to keep a notebook with you, ready to jot down the interesting things you see and learn. Once you’re back home, you can gather together those old ticket stubs, receipts and holiday photos and glue them around your notes in the journal. If you keep the same journal for future trips, then voila – you’ve got a keepsake full of those little details that mean a lot, something that will stay close to your heart, long after the suntan fades.


For bigger, why not invest in a shadowbox (available to buy in most craft shops) to display your treasures? You could try gathering shells from a beach or bottle caps from your favorite local beer, displayed with a few photos from your time abroad.

Instagram Magnets

One for social media junkies who were snap happy and Instagramming away while on holiday, these magnets are a great, fun reminder of your travels. Sites like sticky9.com or foxprint.com are inexpensive and easy to use – you simply upload your best shots and they’ll send them out to you in no time at all! So you can stick your best Instagram moments on the fridge…

Photo Enlargement

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to see your work on print. Whether you captured the perfect image of a lion cub while on safari, or even that ever-elusive perfect family portrait, you can get it enlarged, pick up a special frame and have it as pride of place in your home. This is a great idea for the children’s bedroom wall –  that timeless photo of them tanned and playing in the sand will become something to treasure for years to come.

Photo Painting

Love the idea of framing your photos, but want to do something a little quirkier? This one’s for you! Try enlarging and printing a photo in black and white, then grab some paints or coloured pencils to “paint” over parts of your picture you want to highlight. You could have a go at adding to the Eiffel Tower, or capturing the bright turquoise of the water on that gorgeous private beach. Get creative, then frame your customized art for the world to see. And a good way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day.

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