4 Amazing Outdoor Activities You Need to Try Now

With summer in full swing and the weather at its very best across much of Europe, it is now the perfect time to get out and experience outdoor life. While of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities to experience during other times of the year such as skiing in the winter, the summer offers the perfect weather for most people to head outside.

In the summer you don’t need to worry about wrapping up, you can rely on gorgeous sunny rays to stay warm and also get that all important dose of Vitamin D at the same time. Here are 4 amazing outdoor activities you need to try now:

An adrenaline filled Jet-Skiing adventure

What better time to get out onto the ocean waves than summer, as golden sunny rays beam down from above warming both the water and you. Under this beautiful sunlight the ocean will also look even bluer and more inviting. For many people, going for a calm swim is enough or even just dipping their feet in before heading back to the beach to relax. For the more adventurous though, jet skiing offers an incredible adrenaline rush in relative safety!

If you book a jet skiing excursion with a company you will be provided with life jackets, a well maintained jet ski and a guide. You may be slightly nervous if it is your first time on a jet ski, but as soon as you switch on the engine and hold down the throttle all nerves will be forgotten as the excitement and adrenaline kicks in.

You can choose a slower pace, but the real fun happens when you are pushing the engine to the limit and flying over the waves. The power of the machine is quite simply incredible! With an excursion company you will be looked after and can completely enjoy the experience which we are almost certain you will!

Spend a day at a beautiful hidden beach

Now you might be thinking, that’s a pretty obvious choice, but wait just a second, not all beaches are created equal. The easy option is to stroll out of your hotel or resort and go to the nearest beach. More often than not, this will be a good option, with sun, sand and sea to give you that feel great summer feeling. On the other hand, that would be a little too easy and doesn’t offer much of an adventure does it? By all means spend some time at the local beach, but on other days be more adventurous and explore a little further afield!

A stroll is good for the soul

A great option is to rent a car which can be relatively cheap in other countries and take a drive to get to the more hard to reach beaches. This has multiple benefits as often these beaches are more beautiful and interesting than the ones closer to your resort or hotel, plus they will also be much less crowded. This means you can truly enjoy some peace and quiet, with incredible views and the joy of exploring somewhere off the beaten track. You can still top up your tan, relax on the sand and swim in the ocean, but on a beach that’s just that bit more special.

Take a scenic sailing trip

If you love the ocean, but are looking for something more scenic and relaxing than jet skiing, then you should definitely try a private sailing trip. This is an absolutely gorgeous way to spend a sunny summer’s day! Of course we can’t always guarantee the weather, but in many places such as the Canary Islands or Costa del Sol in the south of Spain, you will be highly likely to be able to enjoy beautiful sunny conditions and calm seas during the summer. With an experienced excursion company you can sit back relax and experience the feeling of freedom of being out on the ocean, and joy of switching off from the stresses of the world.

Sailing excursions can be booked for a couple of hours at different times during the day, or can even last the whole day depending how much time (and money) you have to spare. The GoTimeshare team experienced a wonderful half day trip last summer which lasted around four hours with the brilliant Marbella Yacht Charters.

This was a perfect amount of time to relax, disconnect from ‘normal life’ and live in the moment. With the wind in our hair, the sun on our face, great company and the sounds of the ocean, this was the perfect way to spend a summer day. We were well catered for with food and drinks, had a wonderful tour along the coast and even had time for a cooling swim in the ocean!

Head Out and Explore the Great Outdoors

Following on with the theme of seeing something different, get to know areas outside of the resort you are staying, and become a traveller rather than just a tourist. Once you’ve arrived at your hotel or resort it can often be so tempting to stay there for the whole holiday chilling by the pool, enjoying the delicious food and drink on offer and the on-site activities.

While we can’t blame you because of course a holiday is a time to relax and unwind, on the other hand we recommend combining this with exploring more than just the immediate area outside where you are staying. At your resort there will undoubtedly be many different excursions you can book with a variety of different companies, some of which offer more alternative eco-friendly excursions, on which you will also learn a lot about the place you are staying.

If you explore more than just your resort and immediate surrounding area, we are sure you will enjoy your vacation even more because it will give you some amazing memories of the region and country you are staying. You can learn about the local culture, see some incredible sights that you wouldn’t in your own country, get to try delicious local food and drink delicacies and overall have a much more satisfying and exciting time by pushing your comfort zone a bit more. There is so much to see, hear, feel and experience in the world, now is the perfect time to get out there and explore. “The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever”

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