1 in 5 more interested in Facebook than their holiday

While we all enjoy taking a selfie, cocktail in hand on a white sandy beach to make friends green with envy, many of us are only too happy to ditch our phones once we are on holiday.

However, surprising new research by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation has revealed that almost one in five British holidaymakers become so preoccupied with updating their social media status that they don’t truly experience the holiday they are on – and if you’re reading this on your smartphone at your timeshare resort right now, it might strike a chord!

Worryingly, this statistic even soared to one in three when it was 16-44-year-olds being questioned.

The survey was designed to shine a light on the Brits’ attachment to their mobile devices and to understand why holidaymakers take so long to switch-off from life back home.

The results show that millions are missing out on life as they rush to document their every move on social media.

The survey also revealed that, as the term ‘selfie’ becomes commonplace, almost one in seven admit their holiday snaps almost solely consist of selfies. In fact, more than a quarter of 16 to 44-year-olds admitted to doing this.

Cementing our obsession with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, one in five say they log onto social media while on holiday because they are worried about missing out on something back home.

More than half of 16 to 44-year-olds like to upload photos to Facebook and Instagram to share their holiday with friends and family back home.

As a result of the survey, Cyprus Tourism Organisation is advising visitors to take part in a ‘digital detox’ by allowing the rest of their senses to revitalise while visiting the island.

When you’re on holiday, do you unplug completely or do you need to check what’s happening on social media?  Could you go somewhere for a week and not answer one single email and ignore Facebook for seven days? Does social media interfere with or enhance our holiday experiences? Tweet us at @GoTimeshare!

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