Stunning morning parasailing flight and an afternoon in magnificent Málaga city

Our amazing Málaga media trip had already started with some incredible experiences, both of which had offered unique ways to see the beauty that Andalucía is blessed with. Before our week had begun my ideas on what to expect from the Costa del Sol was sun, sand and sea, and of course that is what this region is famous for.

sun, sand and sea

After just two days though, we had already experienced so much more with an epic jeep safari, exploring the real Spain, and an incredible helicopter ride above Marbella. Clearly this region has a lot more to offer, as our excursions had wonderfully proved.

To kick off our day in a truly exciting way, we headed to the lovely Puerto de Fuengirola for a stunning parasailing flight with Pirate Parasailing, a company with a fantastic reputation and reviews. We received a warm welcome from Kevin, the owner and founder of the company, his son Danyl, the promoter and administrator, and Beto one of the excellent crew members.

After putting on our helmets and harnesses in the sales office, we headed out to the Magie Ann, the company’s stunning specialized parasailing power boat. The boat was bright yellow, and looked amazing in the golden sunshine. It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky, barely any wind, and a calm waters. A perfect day to head out to sea!

On-board we were joined by a trio of friendly Irish tourists and a local Spanish father and his son. As Kevin steered the boat out from the port, everyone was excited and in high spirits. For Sibo, John and I, and the others, this was our first parasailing experience which definitely added to the anticipation, as none of us really knew what to expect. I’d only ever seen the action from the beach before, but had always thought it looked awesome.

Pirate Parasailing

First up were the Irish trio, who all looked rather nervous. Seeing how high they went while sitting on the boat was incredible and they kept flying higher and higher as Kevin increased the speed of the boat. Sitting on the speedboat was also fun as it bounced up and down over the waves.

The actual parasail looked amazing too with a massive white skull and crossbones which fits perfectly with the company name. This parasail, along with the boat really makes the company stand out in a unique way.

Pirate Parasailing

After their flight the group were brought back on board with big smiles on their faces. It was clear how much they had loved the experience which got rid of any nerves I had and made me even more excited to be up there in the sky.

Next up were the father and son, who also loved every second of the flight, especially the boy who arrived back on board afterwards with a huge smile on his face. As Kevin says on their website that’s what makes his job so great!

Next it was our turn, and Sibo, John and I headed to the back of the boat where we were hooked onto the parasail. Just before we took off I had a similar feeling to the day before sitting in the helicopter waiting for take off. Excitement mixed with slight nervousness. The conditions were amazing though, and I knew we would have fun.

We had GoPro cameras and phones at the ready to record the action, and began our ascent into the air behind the boat. It was an awesome rush of adrenaline! It wasn’t scary, but is certainly not something for the faint hearted, especially if you hate heights. We soared 600ft up into the sky as we were towed along by the speedboat far below and the views were amazing!

Looking straight down was awe inspiring, as beneath our dangling feet was an immense distance down to the sea. We were very secure though and could enjoy the epic views of the beautiful Costa del Sol and stunning mountainous landscape in the distance.

We arrived back on the boat with big grins. The flight was a brilliant natural high and is a truly awesome experience that you should definitely try if you are staying in the Málaga region. The crew are very professional but also love to have fun and are a good laugh.

Kevin and his team definitely deserve their number 1 Trip Advisor ranking in Fuengirola! Back at the port we thanked the guys and said our goodbyes, with a lot of brilliant memories and footage!

After a quick bite to eat we headed back to CLC World for a coffee and meetup with Corinne, Claire and Aine to discuss how the week was progressing. It was great to hear they had been enjoying all the photos, videos and social media posts from our excursions so far. Thanks to all of them and the team at CLC World we had been able to enjoy some absolutely brilliant experiences so far, and we didn’t want to disappoint with our media content. So far so good.

Later on that afternoon we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to head into the city of Málaga, as we’d seen and heard excellent things, and Corinne, Claire and Aine all fully recommended a trip there. The weather remained perfect for the rest of the afternoon and as we arrived in Málaga it looked amazing in the sunlight, with palm tree lined squares, impressive buildings and beautiful fountains.

As we wandered through the city, I began imagining how awesome it would be to live there. It had a real buzz and vibrancy, that you often only find in a large city. It wasn’t overwhelming like London can be though, and everyone seemed in an upbeat, positive mood with none of the pushing and rudeness you can find in much larger cities.

It was just the right size for a relaxed afternoon stroll. As we meandered through the streets we found a huge selection of places to eat, and decided to go for a traditional Spanish tapas restaurant. It had a great offer of five different tapas and two drinks for just 10 euros. What a bargain!

After our meal and taking in the some more of the sights we decided to take a ride on the Mirador Princess which is Málaga’s answer to the London Eye. Once again we were heading up high, this time with an impressive view across the city of Málaga and its captivating skyline.

From the #malaga eye #gosharemalaga @clcworld #malaga @spain #wheel #clcworld #miradorprincess

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While on the Ferris wheel we spotted a rooftop bar on top of a hotel close by that looked very interesting, so after the Ferris wheel ride had finished that’s where we headed for a mojito. The views of the city at night and the Ferris wheel all lit up were very cool, just like the bar and music. This was a perfect end to a brilliant day.

I will definitely head back to Málaga city in the future to enjoy its chilled out culture, cool bars and tasty tapas, as an afternoon gave me a wonderful glimpse of some of the delights the city has to offer. Me encanta Malaga!

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