Incredible helicopter flight above Marbella

After a wonderful Safari adventure around the beautiful countryside of Andalucía  with Rangers Safari Tours, our Málaga media trip had truly started in style. On our second day we saw things from a totally different perspective, flying above luxurious Puerto Banús in a helicopter. Unless you are rich and famous, this is certainly not something most people get to do everyday!

We began with a drive from CLC World resort to Puerto Deportivo de Marbella to meet up with the Marbella Yacht Charters crew, who would be taking us sailing on Friday. Near Puerto Deportivo there is a lovely avenida along the seafront where tourists and locals meander along, enjoying the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It was the perfect place to stop for coffee and a croissant and a team meeting to discuss the upcoming week.

Before our scheduled flight with World Aviation Helicopters, we took a drive along the famous ‘Golden Mile’. This area begins at the Western edge of Marbella city, and stretches to Puerto Banús. As we drove along the Golden Mile we were amazed at the villas and estates. To say this area is exclusive is an understatement with a multitude of golf courses, five star hotels, and luxury urbanisations along the whole stretch.

While the drive was impressive, walking around Puerto Banús marina was incredible! There were literally hundreds of luxury yachts, some of which were bigger than houses. Of course just as it was for us this was a major draw for the tourists enjoying this amazing atmosphere.

It was almost time for our scheduled helicopter flight and we were all feeling a little nervous, especially Sibo and I, as it would be our first time on a helicopter! We were also super excited to see Puerto Banús from the air, after our glimpse from ground level. With a brief meeting with Ville to learn more about World Aviation Helicopters, we were ready to take to the air. By this point there was no going back as we put our headsets on and were strapped in. Our pilot Remi turned on the ignition and let the engine warm up. The rotor blades sped round, and we were off.

Nerves suddenly turned to excitement as the helicopter left the ground and we took off into the air from the exclusive hilltop helipad. The feeling is incredible and so different from being on an ordinary commercial plane flight, as you feel so much closer to the action!

As we soared high above the luxury villas and urbanizations of Puerto Banús, the views were sublime. Further afield the rolling hills of Andalucía stretched out on one side and on the other the stunning blue sea.

The flight was not as scary as I had expected, instead it gave an awesome rush of adrenaline when we turned to circle around the luxury marina. Remi is a true professional, and clearly highly skilled at his job as the helicopter glided smoothly through the air. As we circled the marina he flew the helicopter low enough for us to be able to get an amazing view of the yachts moored in the perfect blue water of Puerto Banús marina.

After the amazing views of the marina we headed back to the hilltop airport, where Remi skillfully settled the helicopter back on the ground. This experience was a brief taster of what to expect on a longer flight with the company. Normal flight duration lasts from 20 minutes upwards, with the company offering a range of different services and fully customisable experiences. All the details are available on the World Aviation website.

After landing we thanked Ville, Remi and the rest of the crew and headed off to get something to eat as after all that excitement we were so hungry! After lunch we explored more of the local area and headed back to CLC World to begin editing some of the awesome photos and videos we had, and to prepare for the next action packed day. This had already been an amazing week!

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