Get ready for our amazing upcoming media trip to Club La Costa World Resort in Málaga

After a highly successful GoTimeshare media trip in April to the timeshare resort Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, we are pleased to announce that our next media trip will take place in Málaga at the end of June. We have been very kindly invited by CLC World to stay in some of their Premier timeshare resort accommodation, located in the stunning Club La Costa World, along the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain. The excursions that have been planned for us are leading up to what could be the trip of a lifetime. To say we are excited is a huge understatement!

As you can see the Club La Costa World resort in Málaga is truly picture perfect which is excellent as we will be posting a lot of photos! The resort doesn’t just look amazing though, it is also an exceptional place to stay, having been awarded a TripAdvisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence, along with many other CLC World Resorts. This award proves that the resort is definitely more than just style over substance. This makes it even more of an exciting prospect to try out the resort after all the amazing praise it has gained.

The media trip team has also expanded and this time around Simon and John will be joined by Sibo (Siboney Tabares King), who is a highly talented professional photographer and filmmaker. He makes an excellent addition to our team, as he has a really creative flair and vision for getting the perfect shot both in his photos and videos.

Before we set off on our trip we’d like to help you get to know more about the team. Here is an introduction to our three team members lucky enough to be heading off to Málaga:

Simon Emilio Turkas:


Simon is a travel and lifestyle blogger, with a growing following and influence on Social Media. He is passionate about travel and helping to promote positivity throughout the world, by helping to inspire others to enjoy amazing travel destinations, advice on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by promoting worthy causes.

Simon believes that travel is one of the best things anyone can do in life, as it literally expands your horizons, opening your eyes and mind to new cultures, experiences and places. Through these media trips he hopes he can inspire others to really appreciate what an amazing world we live in. He enjoys writing, photography and filmmaking, fitness, eating delicious (vegan) food and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

John Dale Beckley:


John is a Digital Marketing professional specialising in Hotel Marketing. He is a highly positive person, and is passionate about enhancing the way businesses (especially in the hotel industry) operate in order to provide the best possible customer experience, while also creating an excellent environment for staff to flourish in.

This trip will suit him perfectly as he is not one for lounging by the pool all day, but instead he loves to keep active and maximise his travel experience by seeking out adventure. Part of this could be because of John’s upbringing in South Africa. He enjoys keeping fit, and watching and playing almost all types of sport. Some have also called him the best iPhone photographer in Lanzarote, but he definitely has some competition in Sibo!

Siboney Tabares King:


Sibo is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a wealth of talent and experience in visual media. Up until recently he was balancing his passion for photography and filmmaking with another job, but made the decision to concentrate on making his passion into a career, and this has definitely paid off. There is a huge demand for the photos and videos that Sibo produces, due to their high quality.

Sibo’s work includes travel, real estate, and sport related photos and videos. Sibo is much more comfortable behind the camera, and he lets his fantastic work speak for itself. It definitely lives up to his tagline: “It’s a visual world”. Sibo is constantly innovating and is like a solo media production team with  all the latest camera technology, and editing software!

Heidi Law


We are also lucky to have Heidi Law, as an additional team member helping to maximise the impact and engagement of the content that Simon, John and Sibo will be sharing. While Heidi will not be heading to Málaga, she will be invaluable in helping to make this media trip as successful as possible!

Of course, as well as through their own accounts the team will also be helping to post and share content via the GoTimeshare social media accounts which you can find below:

We don’t want to give too much of the trip away at this stage but we can say that it will involve a lot of different forms of transport including Jeeps, Yachts and a Helicopter. The destinations will be beautiful, the food delicious and the content we share with you amazing. We just hope we don’t make you too jealous 😉

During this trip we will be using the hashtag #GoShareMalaga, and adding this to our social media posts to allow everyone to follow along more easily. If you search for #GoShareMalaga on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you will be able to see all the posts linked to this trip. Make sure to add this to your own posts if you want to share your photos and videos with us, as we’d love to see your unique views of this beautiful area of Spain.

Follow CLC World on social media #clcworld:

Our media trip to Costa del Sol is an initiative from the RDO, the trade body for timeshare in Europe. You can find out more about the RDO via their website and social media channels:

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