El Chaparral Golf Club and exploring Mijas in the morning, followed by a beautiful sailing trip with Marbella Yacht Charters

Our final full day in Malaga had arrived, and what an incredible week it had been! The last day proved to be an extra special end to an amazing week in the sunny south of Spain. While our final day proved to be more relaxed than the rest of the week, we still managed to pack a lot of adventure into the day, including a beautiful sailing trip.

We began by heading to El Chaparral Golf Club. Golf is a hugely popular sport in the Costa del Sol, because of the amazing conditions, and you are absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of golf courses. El Chaparral is absolutely awesome, and only five minutes drive from CLC World!


As golf is so popular in this region of Spain, and El Chaparral Golf Club is such a stunning golf course, we thought it would be perfect to take some photos and video footage. After admiring the views and enjoying a coffee at the clubhouse we headed out on golf buggies around the course to find the best spots for filming. Two days in a row driving buggies, but in completely different surroundings! Malaga continued to surprise us with its uniqueness.

The course was bathed in beautiful sunlight and was so calm and peaceful, providing an idyllic setting for both golf and filming. The greens were immaculate, with virtually no wind, and only the sound of birds singing in the beautiful pine forest. This really wasn’t what I was expecting from the Costa del Sol. Driving the buggies around was also a lot of fun!


We stopped off at a particularly beautiful part of the course and Sibo launched his drone into the air to get some epic footage. The lack of wind, dazzling sunlight and incredible surroundings contributed to some awesome aerial shots.


While Sibo was droning and John taking some photos, I decided to go live on Periscope. This worked out really well as there were people tuning in from around the world to check out the course, ask questions and say how much they would love to be there playing.

We were in great spirits after such a great start to the day, and we still had a sailing trip booked for that afternoon from Puerto Banus! Before then though we still had some time for further exploration of the area, and didn’t want to waste a moment.

We had heard very good things about the nearby town of Mijas, and wanted to see it for ourselves. Mijas is located on the side of a mountain, a short and drive away from CLC World. After finding a parking spot we went for a scenic stroll around this perfectly picturesque town.


Mijas  is an attractive and interesting town, as almost all of the buildings are painted white so it stands out in a very striking way up high on the hill. It is clear why Mijas is very popular with tourists, and there were many of them wandering around like us enjoying the atmosphere and views. From a church on the edge of the hillside there are sublime views across the countryside, the perfect spot for a photo opportunity.

After our morning at the golf course and walking up the steep streets of Mijas, we were all feeling a bit peckish; it was time for some lunch before heading to Marbella for our scheduled yacht trip. We arrived at Puerto Deportivo in Marbella in perfect time to meet with Pete and Laura at the beautiful yacht sitting luxuriously in the perfect blue sea. Although it was sad that the week would be coming to an end, I was looking forward to getting out onto the waves.

The weather was stunning with calm waters, barely any wind and the sun beaming down. As we sailed out of the port I was thinking how privileged I was to be sitting on this yacht enjoying this experience with a great group of people. Pete and Laura are super nice people, and both were very easy to converse with, friendly and full of enthusiasm.

It’s impressive how international the Costa del Sol is too, with Laura coming from Toronto, Canada, and Pete, a previous pro surfer having lived all over the world. Clearly they love their jobs, and it’s not hard to see why!


We sailed 1 mile along the coast from Puerto Deportivo in Marbella towards Puerto Banus, where 100s of luxury yachts were moored. The views along the coast were sublime and Pete pointed out lots of interesting things along the way, such as La Concha mountain which is around 1,200 metres high and looked amazing in the afternoon sunlight.

While Sibo and John took photos I decided this was a great time to go live on Periscope again, especially as we were about to sail into Puerto Banus. It was amazing as people tuned in from the US, Germany, Japan, Canada and many other places around the world.

Questions streamed in with people asking where we were, how large the yacht was, how long the trip lasts, and a whole host of other queries. There were loads of positive comments too with people saying how amazing it looked, how much they would like to be there, and what a great selection of tunes we had playing. This was an excellent advertisement for Marbella Yacht Charters and the area in general!

After sailing around Puerto Banus we headed back to the open water and Pete and Laura dropped anchor near a beach so we could go for a swim. Laura and I acted as models and dived into the water for various photos and videos.


I think Laura just about won our diving competition, but then she does work at sea haha. It was such great fun diving off the yacht and swimming around in the calm waters, on such a beautiful day. This is what you call a luxurious, and a perfect start to the weekend!

The weather remained perfect as we sailed back to Puerto Deportivo, and it was lovely sitting there sipping a drink, listening to some chilled out tunes, and chatting with Pete, Laura and the guys.

We had all had a brilliant afternoon, and I would recommend a trip with Marbella Yacht Charters to anyone on holiday along the Costa del Sol. If you love being out on the open water, surrounded by beautiful views with a friendly, professional crew then you have to try this trip!

Once we got back to port in Marbella and said our goodbyes to Pete and Laura, we thought it would be a good opportunity to have a wander around the old town, and get something to eat.

After asking a friendly local for directions we arrived at some really picturesque streets with locals and tourists out enjoying the wonderful evening. We found a great spot to eat, and sat down to watch the world pass by and reflect on all the amazing experiences of the week!

This had been a whole week of new experiences, surprises and meeting great people. The Costa del Sol has beautiful weather and beaches, but it offers so much more than sun, sand and sea. You can go on buggy or jeep safaris, go parasailing hundreds of feet in the air, take a helicopter flight or sail around on a beautiful yacht.

There are golf courses, fantastic towns and cities, friendly locals, delicious food and drink to try, awesome attractions, and an exciting culture to immerse yourself in. Best of all, with a stay at the beautiful CLC World, all of this will be conveniently close by. Thanks CLC World and all the excursion companies for an amazing and unforgettable week in Malaga!

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