A brilliant Buggy Safari through beautiful Spanish countryside

Following the last few days of exciting aerial excursions, it was time for some more action back on the ground. Once again this was a new excursion for all three of us, as we had a brilliant buggy safari through the beautiful Spanish countryside planned. We knew we were in for fun as it was once again with the fantastic Rangers Safari Tours.


We had a pick up at 9:30am from CLC World by Peter, the owner of the company. Peter has been living in the Malaga region for a number of years with his wife Kerrie, and offered friendly and knowledgeable conversation about the local area during the drive to the buggies. It is clear that he really loves life in Spain, and chatting with him started off the day in a really positive way, even before the excursion had begun.

We arrived at the company garage out in the countryside, where we met Rick who would also be accompanying us on the trip. Rick was also very welcoming, and it is clear that Rangers Safari Tours has a great team, offering an excellent blend of exclusivity and positivity, so that clients feel completely comfortable. After a coffee and chat about the company and the buggies, we were ready to hit the open road, or in this case the country lanes. We fitted scarves over our mouths, goggles over our eyes (it can get a bit dusty), buckled up, and sped off!

The buggies are two seater, but for most of the excursion I had one to myself which meant I could get an extra boost of speed. I was following Peter who was leading the way in a jeep, then John and Sibo were together in the buggy behind, and Rick followed at the back making sure everything was going smoothly. Driving the buggies was a real joy, and I felt a bit like a rally racing driver speeding around the old trade routes and cattle tracks. It was an exhilarating experience driving over the bumpy terrain, and offered a good test of our driving skills.


This experience was far removed from the typical stereotype of this region, as we didn’t drive anywhere near the beach or the sea. It was a beautiful day though with a striking blue sky, and wonderful warm sunshine. It was amazing exploring the stunning mountainous landscape of this area with the wind in our hair, the blue sky above us and the open dirt roads ahead of us. The conditions and experience were really perfect!


Peter and Rick were very accommodating and stopped multiple times along the way to point out landmarks, and to allow us to get the best photos and videos possible. The stunning landscape and weather made for an idyllic drone video session! For virtually the entire journey we didn’t encounter another vehicle which really added to the feeling of exclusivity and also the enjoyment of the trip.

We drove around various scenic areas including forests, mountainous areas, various fruit groves, incredible golf courses and along dried up river beds. This was both a superb safari adventure and nature trip all rolled into one brilliant package.


After speeding around on the buggies and stopping for photo and video shoots, we were all feeling thirsty so stopped for a refreshing cold drink and breather. After that it was time for more exciting buggy driving on the drive back. After about three hours our adventure was over, but the memories will last much longer. I would fully recommend a Buggy Safari with Peter and his team for anyone looking for an absolutely brilliant and unique way to see the real Spain.

It was approaching the end of our week and we didn’t want to miss any opportunities to see the local sights. We decided to take a drive to nearby Benalmádena, to take a ride up the mountain on the Cable Car. Heading up high seemed to be quite the theme of our week in Malaga with our helicopter flight, parasailing, and trip on the giant Ferris wheel in Malaga city. It was very interesting heading up on the cable car, as at the start you could literally see straight down into a number of back gardens with people swimming in their pools. Not much privacy for them!

As we reached the top of the Cable Car ride the views were stunning out across to the various towns located along the Costa del Sol. It’s always a special feeling being up a mountain looking out at a landscape stretching out in front of you, as it gives you a totally different perspective on an area from simply standing at ground level. From up high this region looks stunning.


Interestingly up on the mountain there is a free bird show which provided some entertainment for the large number of tourists, especially the kids. There were owls, vultures and eagles, and all proceeds from donations or buying photos went to the protection of these birds in the wild. After the show I headed even further up the mountain to get a glimpse from the very top, while Sibo and John were feeling tired in the heat so stayed down near the cable car. It was rugged at the top, and it felt adventurous being up there, especially when I spotted a mountain goat.

We headed back down in the Cable Car and drove back to CLC World where we had some evening entertainment to look forward to. We had been invited for dinner at the Sunrise restaurant, where there was a scheduled Flamenco evening. I had a tasty salad for starter and a delicious pizza for the main course, while Sibo and John opted for Spanish cuisine.

The food was great and the entertainment even better. It began with a guitarist skilfully playing a variety of different acoustic songs. After some time a trio of striking Spanish women joined him on stage. One of them was the singer who sat beside the guitarist, and the other two were dancers. They were all dressed in traditional clothing which really added to the atmosphere.

Flamenco is an art form native to Andalusia and incorporates singing, guitar playing, dancing, vocalisations, handclaps, foot tapping and finger snapping. As a spectacle it is amazing and it was clear that the audience were all mesmerised as it is so unique and different to forms of music that exist in other countries. The performances were intense, passionate and stunning, and members of the audience were invited on stage. There was a huge round of applause at the end for what was a perfect Spanish themed end to a wonderful day in the south of Spain.

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