Day 4 in Tenerife – Jungle Park, Whale Watching and ‘Malizia’ musical

As we reached mid-week, my Tenerife adventure continued to get better and better. Thursday proved to be full of action, as I visited Jungle Park to see beautiful animals, set sail on the Freebird One luxury catamaran for an amazing whale and dolphin watching trip, and in the evening enjoyed the top class musical ‘Malizia.’ This was all in one day! When some people think of the Canary Islands they think beach, sun and pool. This trip continued to prove you can enjoy so much more than that though. You can enjoy a truly amazing adventure with some easy planning via Pearly Grey Resort reception.


After a delicious breakfast at Pearly Grey timeshare resort, John and I headed straight to Jungle Park which is just a short and easy drive away. Once you enter the gates, you enter another world, as you are transported to a tropical jungle teaming with animals, birds and plants. The park is surprisingly big, and is unlike an ordinary zoo as it has an authentic jungle feel.


We were due to watch an exotic bird at 11, but beforehand we just had to try the bobsleigh, as both of us are like big kids. The ride wasn’t open when we arrived but Fran, one of the staff working there was able to pull some strings and get us on. John had been there before with his kids, but this was my first time on a bobsleigh. As the ride started ascending higher and higher I started wondering how fast is this going to go. It definitely wasn’t as fast or scary as John described, but you definitely get an adrenaline rush, and it’s a lot of fun!

After checking out the wide variety of animals at the park including white lions, leopards, orangutans, flamingos, otters, meerkats and monkeys we headed to the exotic bird show. This was presented in English and Spanish and was a super spectacle. These birds are truly beautiful with incredible colours and markings and a real grace.


They flew around the audience which was full of families with kids, who were loving the show. The birds are all totally safe and the audience were given seeds and nuts to feed them which added to the enjoyment.


We continued our exploration of the park then headed to the Birds of Prey Show. This was an amazing display that you definitely need to need to go and see if you at the Jungle Park. These birds are stunning, and offer a real glimpse of the power of nature. They soar high above the park then dive down at incredible speeds straight to their trainers. At other parts of the show the birds zip centimetres above your head, so you can literally feel the wind from their wings!


After the show we hit the road again in our comfortable car from Poul’s Auto, to head to Puerto Colón about 20 minutes drive south from Pearly Grey, to catch our scheduled Catamaran Sailing excursion. This trip is run by the Freebird One Sailing Company who have a modern fleet of Catamarans. I was really excited as we were set to see whales and dolphins in the wild aboard a luxury catamaran. The weather was absolutely perfect with a beautiful  blue sky, and barely any breeze. Even if you suffer sometimes from sea-sickness like me, on a day like this you won’t have to worry at all.


We were greeted on-board the luxury Freebird One Catamaran by Captain Javier, and the friendly crew. There were around twenty other people on the excursion from many different nationalities. The catamaran is large and comfortable though, so it definitely didn’t feel crowded. The crew are also very accommodating and conversed with the guests in English, Spanish, German and French. As we headed from the port into the open water we were all in good spirits.

As we sailed away from the coast it was great to be able to switch off and completely enjoy the moment. There was no internet and no modern distractions, apart from the camera to take photos. As the sun shone down we glided effortlessly through the waves. There was a slight breeze out to sea, but it felt great against my skin, as I imagined what it would be like to be a sailor setting sail. The views out to neighbouring La Gomera were truly stunning, and it just felt so relaxing looking out to the vast unending horizon, and then behind us beautiful Tenerife.


We were well catered for on-board as there were unlimited drinks provided with the ticket including beer, juice, soft drinks and water, and a tasty sandwich for lunch. Just as soon as I had started eating though, there began to be sightings of Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot Whales. You really have to see these amazing mammals in the wild to appreciate how beautiful they are. Seeing them in the wild swimming in their natural habitat really is one of those wow moments in life! Both adults and kids were excited when these beautiful creatures surfaced.


Canarian waters are literally teaming with whales and dolphins, and the coast off of Tenerife is the best place in Europe to see these magnificent creatures. In fact it is one of the top three dolphin and whale watching destinations in the world, so if you take one of these trips you are almost guaranteed to see Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot whales, and sometimes many other species including Sperm Whales and Killer Whales!


Overall this was an incredible excursion that you will absolutely love if you enjoy beautiful sights, incredible animals, and top quality service. To top it all off there was even time for short swim. After being under the warm sun, the dive into the sea was definitely refreshing.

Everyone arrived back to the harbour tanned and in great spirits with some magnificent memories. John and I headed back to Pearly Grey to get ready for the final part of the day, a trip to see Malizia which is billed as “The best musical performance on the island.” With a top rating on TripAdvisor we definitely had high expectations for this musical extravaganza, especially as it is the latest show by the famous Carmen Mota, who is renowned worldwide for her innovative choreography. We arrived at the impressive Pirámide de Arona along the Avenida de Las Americas which is bustling with energy. This is definitely one of the places to go in Tenerife if you want to be around all the action.

We met with Dennis there and headed inside to enjoy the show. I personally have not seen many musicals live in my life, although earlier in the week I had seen the excellent “The Sound of Musicals” with an almost completely British cast. Malizia is a totally different type of experience though, as it is a big scale production with a huge number of dancers and all in Spanish. The dancing, singing and all round energy were second to none, and everyone in the audience was captivated by the stunning performance and intriguing story.


The show is set in modern day Seville and is centred around Curro, the “hunchback”, who is Ricardo Montero’s “jester”. Montero is a corrupt and arrogant politician who is used to having his way with whichever women he wants. He sets his eyes on Curro’s daughter though which leads to dramatic scenes in the play, as Curro seeks to avenge his daughter’s honour. You really have to see this show to believe how good the performances are.


The choreography, passion and singing are all stunning, and the whole cast, especially the leads offer incredible performances. There is an amazing blend of Flamenco, Opera and Dance which wowed the huge audience. A massive standing ovation at the end just showed how much everyone enjoyed this musical tour de force. This is an absolute must see!

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