Day 3 in Tenerife – A Submarine ride, exclusive meal at The Edge and Stargazing

After the minor delay on Monday, and the far more successful Tuesday, by Wednesday my Tenerife trip had got into full swing with some excellent excursions planned for the rest of the week. Once again the day started right at Pearly Grey Timeshare Resort with a tasty vegetarian cooked breakfast, and a Lavazza soya milk latte.

Today was going to be exciting, with a real variety of different things to do including a Submarine ride with Submarine Safaris, a specially prepared meal at The Edge chill out area by Pearly Grey’s highly skilled chef Darryl, and to top it all off a trip up mount Teide in the evening with Travel Tenerife for some star gazing. Before today I had never been under the sea in a submarine, or up a mountain stargazing but now I had been invited to do both, with a specially prepared vegan meal in between. All in a day’s work for a travel blogger!

John and I headed to the new Marina which was about 30 minutes drive away, for our scheduled Submarine Safari trip. We arrived in good time and met with Dennis who was also joining us for his first submarine ride. We were a fully equipped media team with cameras, iPhones and video cameras at the ready, all set to capture some stunning aquatic life. After about five minutes our yellow submarine ride arrived. I was apprehensive but excited, as I would be many metres below sea; things were definitely about to get interesting.

Occasionally on previous boat trips I had felt sea sick, so as I climbed down the ladder into the sub, I was really praying this trip wouldn’t be too rough. Luckily the sea was calm that day, and I had nothing to worry about. It was definitely an interesting sensation being submerged underwater in what was essentially a giant metal tube, but it turned out to be really fun. The trip lasted about one hour and the submarine dived to a maximum depth of 27 metres.

An hour seemed to go by in a flash and before we knew it we were back at the marina. After collecting our photograph and some certificates from the company, we took some photos of the luxury yachts, and then headed to Amarilla Golf Course for a coffee. While there we met up with a friend of John’s called Bill a professional photographer. He is definitely an inspiration as he was telling us about his yearly motorbike trips in which he rides around 20 different countries taking photos and experiencing different cultures.

 Afterwards we headed back to Pearly Grey to do some writing and video editing, and get ready for our specially prepared dinner. To say that the views from The Edge are impressive is a definite understatement. This area is one of the newest additions to Pearly Grey, and really is the “Pièce de résistance” of the resort. As the name suggests this drinking/dining area has been built on the edge of a cliff with absolutely outstanding views through a stylish glass barrier across the Atlantic Ocean to neighbouring La Gomera, and straight down at the waves rolling in and breaking on the rocks below. You can literally feel the power of the ocean as every so often there is a slight reverberation when a large wave impacts.
 John and Dennis both had a Cajun chicken meal with vegetables which looked great, and I was treated to a beautifully presented and absolutely delicious vegan meal of couscous, tomato sauce, mushrooms stuffed with chopped vegetables and green asaparagus. I had already heard great things about chef Darryl’s cooking and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Following the amazing main course, I ordered some mango sorbet for desert which was definitely the best I had ever eaten.
 To top off this fantastic dining experience the sun was setting across the ocean, creating a beautiful backdrop. While I could quite happily have sat there for at least another hour or more, we had to get going as we were being picked up for our trip up mount Teide for stargazing with Travel Tenerife. A fantastic day just kept on getting better.
Soon after our meal John, Dennis and I were sitting in a mini bus heading up Mount Teide as the sky was turning an incredibly beautiful red as the sun set. It is moments like this that really highlight how lucky the life of a travel blogger is, and also how amazing Tenerife is as a travel destination. We were being transported by our Polish guides Andrew and Charles from Travel Tenerife on their exclusive “Teide by Night” excursion.
We were also joined in the van by three other Brits, an American and his Austrain wife, making a small and friendly group getting ready to see the stars. As we drove higher and higher up into the Teide National Park I was thinking how surreal it was that just that morning I had been 27 metres below the sea in a submarine, and now I was heading up a mountain for some stargazing, just highlighting the diversity on offer in Tenerife!
Travel Tenerife Teide by Night Stargazing Experience 13.04 (1)
 As we reached our stargazing destination, the night was upon us, and everything was dark apart from the car headlights and the stars above us. Because of the high altitude, and the time, the temperature had dropped a lot. Travel Tenerife has you covered though, as they supply thermal sweaters to keep you warm. After a short time setting up the telescopes, we were given a fascinating and entertaining talk about the planets, stars, galaxies, constellations and the universe. Charles pointed to stars in the night sky with a laser pointer, and really showed his passion for the subject of astronomy with a fun and informative lesson.

This incredible image was made by putting together 150 photos taken that night! Photo credit: Mick Cant

The Canary Islands are some of the best places in the world to view celestial bodies due to the extremely low light pollution, and this is even more so up Mount Teide. As I listened to this amazing astronomy lesson, viewed the stars and planets through the telescopes, and stared up at the stars in the night sky I was in awe at the vastness of space. If you have even the slightest inkling of interest in space, then you absolutely must experience this excursion as it will give you a real sense of wonder!
Photo Credit: Mick Cant

Photo Credit: Mick Cant

In addition to the amazing information, professional telescopes, transportation to and from your hotel, and warm clothing, there is also tea, coffee and cakes provided, and even a glass of champagne. This really is VIP treatment, from a very professional and exclusive travel company. There are also a variety of photos taken of the stars and also group shots, all of which are free to download from Travel Tenerife’s Facebook page. After being dropped off back at Pearly Grey later that night, I was very satisfied after such a varied and enjoyable day.

Photo Credit: Charles from Travel Tenerife

Photo Credit: Charles from Travel Tenerife

Both the Submarine Safaris excursion and Teide by Night excursion can be booked at reception at Pearly Grey. Once again a big thank you to Poul’s Auto for giving us the use of one of their excellent rental cars for a week.

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