Amazing Andalucía adventure with Rangers Safari Tours

What a wonderful start to our week in the magnificent province of Málaga, located along the stunning sun drenched Costa del Sol, in the Spanish region of Andalucía. Upon our arrival the previous evening we had a glimpse of how lovely this area looked during the drive from Malaga airport to our resort, and then later in the evening when we took a relaxing stroll along the coast to enjoy dinner by the sea in nearby Fuengirola.

When we woke the next morning, we knew we were in for a real treat, as we had an exciting adventure planned with Rangers Safari Tours. We felt fully refreshed and ready to go, after the comfort of our fantastic resort rooms. This excursion definitely promised to be something different from the usual tourist trail, instead allowing the opportunity to discover the real Spain. This was a trip we had all been looking forward to!

Stephen, our driver, and guide for the day picked us up from the resort at around 9:30 in one of the company’s fleet of modern and comfortable open top jeeps. Once you sit down in one of these vehicles you can already feel a sense of anticipation for a safari adventure. From there we set off on what proved to be a real journey of discovery through the beautiful and unspoilt Andalucían countryside.

The company has a long and proud history having been in operation for over 25 years, and Stephen was able to fully impart the extensive knowledge he had of the local area to us, as we journeyed with him on this fascinating tour. If you are interested in learning about the local flora and fauna, then Stephen is the perfect guide. His understanding of the nature of this area was clearly evident, and it was brilliant to be in the company of someone so passionate about his profession.

Our senses really came alive as our jeep meandered through the verdant southern Spanish countryside. Because of the beautiful year-round warm, sunny weather there are superb growing conditions for all manner of fruits and vegetables. Stephen has a real passion for the natural landscape, and as he promised we were able to see oranges, lemons, olives, and almonds growing in various groves. This colourful mix provided a superb focus for videos and photos.

The tour consisted of a fun-filled mix of on-road and off-road driving along old cattle tracks and trade routes, and we even drove through a shallow river. This caused quite a splash, especially as Stephen was more than happy to drive quickly through the water for extra visual impact for our videos. We can’t deny this brought out the big kid in us, and this fun filled excursion put a big grin on all our faces.

Don’t worry if you start to feel peckish on this tour though, as we were driven to visit a lovely traditional Spanish venta, where we were treated to a delicious three course meal with drinks, all included in the cost. The setting for this meal really added to the feeling that we were seeing the real Spain rather than the usual tourist trail. This was unique and far more interesting. After lunch we headed back to CLC World and said our thanks and goodbyes to Stephen after a brilliant day out.


Later that evening we headed down to the Safari Restaurant where we were treated to a delicious dinner in stunning surroundings. This exotic restaurant provided a very fitting end to our safari adventure day. The temperature was perfect so we chose to sit outside. The setting is truly idyllic as you are surrounded by tall palm trees, under a beautiful blue sky, with a lovely view of the stunning pool area. As we enjoyed our tasty meals, we knew we were in for a wonderful week ahead. The adventure had only just begun!

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