The world's most crowded beaches

As summer is the only time many of us can get away because of work commitments, the months of July and August can get alarmingly busy, even on the longest stretches of beaches. While beaches near cities like New York, where the mercury soars in summer, become packed pretty quickly on the hottest weekends.

A beach that’s blissful in spring can turn into an anchovy tin dotted with sun loungers – places like Copacabana Beach in Rio tend to get crowded, but even Brazil’s best known beach is eclipsed by Golden Mile Beach in South Africa where at times you’ll be wading into the water with inches to spare between you and the next beach goer.

We’ve compiled a “Top 5 Beaches To Stay Away From” this summer – chances are you won’t be booking at break at any of these, as most of them are not popular timeshare destinations but if you really want to get away it all, head to a beach on a Scottish isle, or rent a car on one of the Balearic Islands and discover the beaches other holidaymakers have no idea about.

With a hot British summer forecast, a stunning unspoilt Scottish “plage” might not be a bad place to escape to!

Here’s the Top 5:

1. Golden Mile Beach, South Africa (South Africa has some of the world’s most stunning beaches, but you’ll want to miss this one in peak season)

2. Girguam Beach, Mumbai, India (avoid if you’re even marginally claustrophobic)

3. Dalian Beach, China (see pic!)

4. Durres Beach, Albania (so many sun umbrellas you can’t see the sand)

5. Coney Island, New York (this urban beach can get pretty packed when the temperatures soar in summer)


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