Wellbeing…and sleep!…come top of travellers’ to-do lists

There’s an interesting survey just in from Westin Hotels & Resorts which reveals that 62% of those polled say their stress levels have gone up, while 39% would give up alcohol and almost half would give up sex to improve their own wellbeing ,which they’d happily swap for extra sleep!


Westin have just launched their Well Being Movement, a new initiative to enhance the feelgood factor for guests staying at their resorts around the world.


Time, or lack of it, is a big issue, too.  54% said that competing priorities between work and personal life were a problem, and 35% said they just couldn’t find enough time to focus on their own wellness, while 29% find it hard to maintain their wellbeing or a balanced lifestyle while travelling.


However our lifestyles seem to be changing for the better, even if we have to make some sacrifices.


Sleep is a big priority-  and apparently a big luxury!  24% said they’d rather give up sex to get more sleep and almost half of Americans polled said  they’d give it up for a year if helped their state of welbeing.


Positive changes include embracing the digital detox movement (38% said they switch off to recharge their batteries – meaning no iPhone, Facebook or emails during their downtime alone or with family and friends) and a lot of the respondents said they were less likely to drink as a way of dealing with stressful work days – in fact 39% said they’d consider giving up alcohol totally to cope better.


Predictably, only a tiny number, 4%, said their stress levels had gone down since last year, while 30% reported their stress levels had risen.


And how we deal with stress is changing.  38% said they de-stress with exercise, the same percentage said they eat to wind down, while  meditation and yoga are now the secrets to unwinding for about one third of those polled.


Westin’s Well Being Movement is one of its biggest global campaigns to date.  The survey polled 6,000 frequent travellers from the US, China, India and Mexico.

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