It’s Official. Kids’ Favourite “Dream Destination” is…the Moon!

Out of all the places in the world to visit, the Moon is number one on the list in a recent poll by one of the UK’s leading online independent travel agencies…although “real” destinations Disney World and Lapland were not far behind!

Florida is a big timeshare family favourite, and Orlando themed attractions such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disney World are always high on the list of must-visit theme parks in the “Big Orange”.

Christmas favourite Lapland, the official residence of Santa Claus, came in fifth in the survey, and there are timeshare resorts in Lapland. Finnish vacation ownership specialists Holiday Club Resorts, for example, offer vacations at their Holiday Club Saariselka which is Europe’s northernmost spa and holiday home resort and could be one of the most northern in the world.

Set in Inari’s Urho Kekkonen national Park in northern Lapland, it’s a magical place of winter wonderland scenery and part of Holiday Club Resorts international portfolio (which includes warmer destinations such as the Canary Islands and southern Spain).Despite its reputation as a wonderful winter destination, Holiday Club Saariselka is open year round and would be a good choice for a fitness and fresh air break for the whole family.

And Club La Costa members who are Disney fans can stay near some of the best themed attractions in Florida, at CLC’s Encantada resort which is 8km from Walt Disney World® (more details ).

In the poll, Sunshine Holidays asked 2,105 British parents who had children age 3 – 8 which their favourite holiday destinations were and the kids came up with a mix of imaginary and real-life destinations, as well as some quite unrealistic settings for holidays – not the Caribbean islands their parents might have picked! And although Disney World came second, Harry Potter “destinations” were a big favourite.

The youngsters had to choose the three places they’d most like to go on holiday next, and the top ten are:

1) The Moon 47%
2) Disney World 41%
3) Narnia 39%
4) Hogsmeade (Harry Potter) 26%
5) Lapland 25%
6) Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie The Pooh) 17%
7) Hogwarts (Harry Potter) 14%
8) Pride Rock (Lion King) 9%
9) Australia 4%
10) Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants) 2%

Of the top ten, six are fictional, four real, although the number one choice – the Moon – probably technically falls under “fictional” for the time being until holidays to the moon take off.

For more information about Holiday Club Resorts visit:

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