How Green is your Timeshare?

Keen to keep your holidays green? Then an eco-friendly timeshare is a smart alternative to booking individual hotel stays every time you want to get away.

In fact,timeshare ownership is one of the best ways to ‘green your vacation’. For many owners, their favourite resort feels pretty much like their second home – unlike a hotel which you check into, check out of, and may not visit again.

The sustainability factor is growing ever more important in the hotel industry – whether or not a resort is “eco” now plays a part in whether or not a consumer books a break there, so sustainability can pay off in sales for the resort, too.

Another way timeshare’s eco-and-economical holiday model works is by supporting local businesses.  For example, familiarity with the area also leads to insider knowledge of local businesses and restaurants and in turn timeshare owners are more likely to patronize local rather than chain brands or businesses, which promotes sustainability and helps create jobs.

Two flagship resorts greening the way for more sustainable holidays are Trelowarren in the U.K. and Grupo Mayan Resorts in Mexico – they couldn’t be more different, but they’re both 100% committed to sustainable travel.

First up, Trelowarren in stunning Cornwall, one of the UK’s most popular timeshare destinations.

The estate is set on over 1,000 acres of fields and forest on the Cornish coast, making it a real escape from the daily grind.

Trelowarren practices carbon offsetting, with the eventual goal of becoming carbon neutral and buildings are constructed with natural building materials, with exceptional insulation to decrease energy wastage – important in winter! – and a heating system that uses a bio-massed boiler burning locally grown and harvested wood as fuel.

While you’re staying at Trelowarren, you’ll probably learn that much of the paper, plastic and glassware you’ll be using will have been recycled.

Your water source there will be a local natural spring and even the swimming pool is heated using bio-mass boiler technology.

Plus, as you’d expect, there are lovely organic gardens to roam and the resort’s New Yard Restaurant offers an extensive wine list, with menus inspired by locally-sourced, organic produce.

Meanwhile, under the Mexican sunshine, Grupo Mayan Resorts offers timeshare condos and villas in beachfront locations across Mexico.

Grupo Mayan is a Green Globe 21 certified company, something “awarded strictly to companies that operate without harming the environment and follow a series of very strict rules governing electricity, water, maintenance, waste removal, ecosystem, cultures, traditions, disposals, security, and other aspects of a hotel operation, as well as their effect on the surrounding environment.”

Grupo Mayan’s sustainable measures include energy and waste conservation, protecting ecosystems on and around their golf courses, and promoting legislation related to eco environmental issues.

How green is your timeshare resort? From lights that switch off automatically when you leave your room, to reusing towels and sheets, there are so many ways to avoid wasting energy and money.

Know a resort that works hard to “be green”? Which are your favourite eco destinations? Or have you stayed at an eco paradise you’d definitely recommend to friends? Tweet us at @GoTimeshare, using hashtag #ecoholiday.


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