What is Timeshare?

Timeshare is a form of holiday ownership – you buy the right to spend a night or more at a holiday property for a minimum of one years. You can either buy at a fixed time of year at a certain resort or you may wish to consider buying ‘points’ which you can trade in to take mini breaks at a variety of destinations, giving you extra flexibility on your holiday options.

Owners rate their holidays highly and 9 out of 10 say that timeshare is better than other self catering holidays.

It’s an excellent alternative to second home ownership, is hassle free – no need to worry for example about break-ins or flooding as the resort is run year round by a professional management company – and does not take housing from local residents, an all important factor in many rural communities.

As you pay for your timeshare upfront, you will find that over time, it’s a cost effective way to take holidays. Remember, however, to budget for your annual management fee and your travel costs.

Bear in mind that timeshare is very different to ‘holiday clubs’ or ‘discount travel clubs’. These clubs merely offer discounts from future holidays and generally do not own or control the holidays or accommodation they offer. Be on your guard about signing up to these clubs, many of which charge a substantial membership fee for what may amount to little more than a booking service. Plus you don’t need to go back to the same resort year after year as you can swap your week or points through an exchange company for something similar throughout the world. Just imagine being able to take a self catering holiday in Florida, the Caribbean or even India or Australia at a top of the range resort, with fantastic on-site facilities! Owners rate their holidays highly and 9 out of 10 say that timeshare is better than other self catering holidays.

The guarantee of quality, destination choices and the range of facilities are quoted as reasons for buying and the majority of owners would recommend timeshare to others.

To find out more about timeshare, go to the industry trade body web site www.rdo.org. RDO (Resort Development Organisation, formerly OTE). Members, which include resort developers, the exchange companies, trustees and resale companies all sign up to a code of conduct that protects purchasers’ rights – and that’s in addition to the safeguards already provided under the laws governing timeshare.

So why not consider buying timeshare and join the ranks of 1.5 million + European owners who love their timeshare holidays!

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