About Timeshare

Timeshare is a form of holiday ownership – you buy the right to spend a night or more at a holiday property for a minimum of one year. You can either buy at a fixed time of year at a certain resort or you could buy ‘points’ which you can trade in to take mini breaks at a variety of destinations, giving you extra flexibility on your holiday options.

Timeshare offers superior and spacious accommodation at top-of-the-range resorts with excellent on-site facilities such as golf courses, leisure complexes, tennis courts & spas. Apartments range in size from studios sleeping two, to three-bedded apartments sleeping eight – with three bathrooms, kitchen and sizeable living/dining room. Some may even have a private sauna or pool.

As well as kids’ clubs, nannies and play facilities, many resorts offer exceptional entertainment for both children and adults such as bands, magicians, dancers and local art and cultural events.

Timeshare owners aren’t limited to spending holidays at the same resort every year as the majority of resorts are linked to an exchange organisation enabling owners to swap their week for a comparable property at up to 5,300 resorts around the world.

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