Timeshare Presentations

Perhaps a friend has recommended their resort to you, you’ve been invited to a presentation or have received an offer of a few days’ accommodation at a resort – you’ll now be looking for some background information about timeshare before you go ahead.

It is an extremely popular way of taking holidays and today around one and a half million families in Europe own timeshare.

With five and a half thousand resorts around the world and many different forms of timeshare available, such as points or fractional ownership, you need to make sure it’s right for you and that you understand how the various systems work. You should take time to browse this site for more information and guidance on buying timeshare.

If you have received an offer of a short break at a timeshare resort, this gives you the chance to experience timeshare first-hand before you commit to buying. Being able to talk to owners is the real test – if they are not happy they won’t hesitate to tell you! Developers do not expect this to be the case, however, which is why they encourage you to take these breaks and mingle with fellow guests.

There is a legal requirement in Europe to give all buyers a cooling off period of 14 days

Timeshare presentations have, in the past, had a poor reputation as they were associated with pressure selling and no opportunity to change your mind once the contract had been signed. The industry has, however, cleaned up its act and timeshare is now a respected and accepted part of the tourism industry. Plus there is now a legal requirement to give all buyers a cooling off period of 14 days

A presentation is, again, an ideal opportunity for you to understand more about timeshare, the resort or resorts that you will be buying into, the costs involved and how you can use the exchange system – if available – to stay at similar resorts around the world.

Check to see if the company you are dealing with is a member of the industry trade body, RDO. All members sign up to a code of conduct and should you experience any difficulties, RDO offers a free of charge service to customers of its members.

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