What’s the key to a wonderful holiday? New survey reveals a warm welcome tops the list

The Croatian National Tourist Board has revealed what makes the perfect holiday, asking eleven nationalities their opinions.

Over 85 per cent of Britons questioned said friendly locals made a huge difference. Value for money came next, followed by quality time with friends and family.  Perhaps very surprisingly, sunny weather took the No. 6 slot.

In order of importance, the “British Holidaymaker Top 10” came out as:

1. A friendly welcome from local people

2. Good value for money

3. Quality time with friends and family

4. Having new experiences

5. Great food

6. Sunshine

7. Good hotel facilities

8. A range of different activities on offer to entertain all ages

9. The ability to be understood by locals

10. Good internet and mobile phone coverage

The research was commissioned by the Croatian Tourist Board spanning 11,000 adults across 11 countries.  Overall, the survey identified some seven main types of holidaymaker.  Most Britons said they like to “live as the locals do”, and also enjoy seeking out new experiences.

Again, perhaps surprisingly, only one in eight British people surveyed said that sun-lounging was a priority – more were interested in local culture.

The survey revealed some close similarities in holiday styles between the British and the Dutch who also like exploring local history and culture while they are in a foreign country, and again local culture scored above modern comforts. 

And the most romantic holidaymakers? It would appear that those looking for a romantic, secluded getaway are the Austrians, Swiss and Swedish.

Ivona Grgan of the Croatian National Tourist Board said: “Luckily, here in Croatia we have something to suit all traveller tastes”, adding that the country appealed to a wide variety of visitors.

Croatia – once the “secret of the Med” – is now one of the fastest up-and-coming destinations, with a good choice of luxury timeshare resorts and hotels, and thanks to a number of new flights in recent years, it’s never been easier to get to.

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