10 Cool Hot Spots set to become the next "Big Thing”

Sometimes, a holiday which lets us escape the hustle and bustle of citylives, or our manic 9-5 jobs, can seem like the only option we have to really relax and unwind.

But where to go to escape the summer crowds? Which destinations hold the hidden gems?

Thankfully, Travelsupermarket.com have come to the rescue by revealing their top ten coolest holiday spots which they believe will be “the next big thing”.

So, stay ahead of the travel pack and book yourself in to one of these soon-to-be tourism hotspots.

And coincidentally or not, a lot of the picks double up as ideal destinations to visit in summer so if you’re not a fan of sizzling temperatures during high season, check out the list.

If you have timeshare points you’ll be putting towards a short summer break or an extended stay away, and you fancy somewhere a bit different, check out Travel Supermarket’s “not the usual suspects” top ten for some alternative get away from it all inspiration.

1)   Rovinj, Croatia

A pretty little coastal town based on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Rovinj is a beautiful – and relatively undiscovered – destination. While much of Croatia is enjoying rocketing prices, thanks to its new popularity with Brit holidaymakers, Rovinj remains cheaper.  We recommend climbing the bell tower on top of the hill to enjoy spectacular views.

2)   Warsaw, Poland

This vibrant and eclectic capital city has it all, from contemporary modern art to stunning architecture and medieval landmarks. Thanks to the low prices and range of budget flights available, Warsaw is a great option for UK holidaymakers looking for a fresh city break.

3)   St Petersburg, Russia

Ever since the Winter Olympics, we’ve been longing to explore the delights of Russia. The breathtaking buildings in St Petersburg have to be seen to be believed, while canal cruises make for an ideal summer activity during the warmer months. This cultural capital is a fantastic city break.

4)   Reykjavik, Iceland

Famous for its wild nightlife, interesting people and its stunning views of the Aurora Borealis, Reykjavik is a must-visit. The Golden Circle is one of the highlights, thanks to its incredible scenery. Just be sure to pack your thermals and wrap up warm – unless you’re visiting at the height of summer!

5)   Copenhagen, Denmark

After playing host to the Eurovision song contest, everyone’s eyes are on Copenhagen. Famed for its incredible food (Noma, based in the city, is often named as the world’s best restaurant), its clean and peaceful streets, historic canals and cobbled squares, Copenhagen is a wonderful place to wander for a long weekend.

6)   Tel Aviv, Israel

With its perfect blend of historic and modern, Tel Aviv is an exciting destination to explore. With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a breathtaking coastline bordering a very vibrant city, it also happens to be the host of the atmospheric gay pride parade, welcoming guests from around the world in June.

7)   Biarritz, France

Once famed as the playground for the rich and famous, this French coastal town has seen something as a revival by becoming popular with water sports enthusiasts. It’s also home to many cultural and music related events. Although the main beach can get busy, if you take a short walk along the coast, there are many quieter stretches of sand to be enjoyed.

8)    Bergen, Norway

As well as enjoying a blossoming art and music scene, visitors to Bergen can also soak up the atmosphere at a spectacular Viking festival in June. We also recommend heading away from the city and exploring the stunning countryside which surrounds Bergen – you won’t regret it.

9)    Valetta, Malta

Built on a peninsula, Valletta is a quaint harbour city which combines both culture and excitement. It also boasts plenty of blue skies, azure seas and delicious Mediterranean food. Take a walking tour of Valetta and a trip around the harbour to learn about its history, design and the local mind-set.

10) Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavia is one of the places to be seen right now, although certain items you’ll be tempted to buy may come with a rocketing price tag. Having said that, Gothenburg has as much atmosphere as Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, but with, in the main, far lower costs. We recommend taking a barge up the canal to see some truly beautiful sights.


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