Sun, sea, sangria, Spain needs no introduction. The fabulous weather, great food and wines, and the warm, welcoming locals make the Spanish mainland one of the top holiday destinations in Europe.

There’s much more to Spain than the never-ending beaches and nightlife, however. Explore ancient Moorish castles along the Costa del Sol and discover the rich cultural legacy of the Arab conquest in the middle ages. Walk in the footsteps of world famous artists and architects like Picasso and Gaudí in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine that is a cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Kick back, chill out and take life easy in proper Spanish tradition. Is it siesta time yet?

You’ll find the best timeshare resorts dotted along Spin’s Mediterranean coast, including Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Levante and even up north in Catalonia.

Visit Spain’s official tourism portal and follow @spain on Twitter and spain on Instagram for more information.

Places in Spain

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