Winter Sun remains top priority for British holidaymakers, ABTA research reveals

As the seasons change, so has the UK weather!  And if you’re missing summer already, you’re not the only one.

Research published this month by ABTA, the UK’s leading travel association, shows that winter sun remains the most popular reason for booking a break as the festive season approaches, with 40% of respondents citing this as their motivation to escape for a holiday.

The ABTA research reveals 19% of Brits plan to take a holiday this winter, while a further 21% are still considering doing so.

In addition to winter sun, winter sports holidays are growing in popularity, too: 15% of those going away this winter will be jetting off on a winter sports trip, an increase of 150% on last year’s figures, with skiing and snowboarding top of the activities list.

The stats show:

  • 40% of Brits are looking for winter sun on their holidays (ABTA)
  • An 150% increase in winter sports holidays
  • That 44% of 16-24 year olds are keen to take a ski or snowboarding holiday

France, Italy and Austria remain the most popular winter break destinations for skiers and snowboarders. Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of Appassionata, which manages two luxury, fractional ownership holiday homes in Italy’s Le Marche region, was unsurprised by Italy’s continuing popularity.

She says: “Italy has always been a top choice for both winter sun and winter sports holidays. Here in Le Marche we are just a stone’s throw from the Sibillini Mountains, where skiing, snowboarding and sledging are all extremely popular during the winter months. Many of our owners are keen to have these activities so nearby, and of course they love the bright, sunny days that Italian winters provide in such abundance.”

Fractional ownership is an intelligent way to buy a slice of winter sun, because if property prices rise and you decide to sell, you may benefit from capital gains as well as enjoying the luxury holiday lifestyle –  at a fraction of the cost of owning a freehold property outright.

A fractional share at Casa Leopardi at Appassionata costs £195,000.  For more information visit

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