Where to find the best Bird's Eye Views of London

Although for British timeshare owners London might not perhaps be top of the short break list –  tempting as it is to head somewhere warmer and sunnier –  for visitors from abroad, however, London is often the highlight of their entire UK trip.

You can never get bored of our elegant, beautiful, vibrant capital, and with new landmarks popping up across the skyline, there are more and more ways to take in those sparkling River Thames views!

With its unmistakeable skyscape, we’re still convinced that London is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. But there’s so much to cover in this historic capital that seeing it on foot isn’t always the best option – there’s nothing quite like a bird’s eye view from up high to capture the full beauty of our very own capital.

We’ve rounded up the most awe-inspiring high up places from which to take in London‘s beautiful views.

1) The Shard

This one is not for the faint-hearted who don’t have a head for heights, but…the capital’s newest landmark also offers tourists the highest – and one of the best – viewing platforms. From up at the vertigo-inducing 69th floor, the first viewpoint at The View from The Shard offers 40 miles of city panoramas on a clear day. Thanks to digital touchscreen telescopes, you can also spy the details that the eye can’t see. Meanwhile, from level 72, there’s an open-air viewing platform where you can peer out through giant shards of glass – if you dare.  Might be better to have a drink at the bar after the viewing rather than before!

2) Horniman Gardens

Brought to tourists by Victorian tea trader Frederick Horniman, these gardens and museum ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’. Thanks to the 16 acres of sloping gardens, you’ll feel on top of the world – and you’ll be able to enjoy some truly spectacular views. On Saturday mornings there’s also a farmer’s market to enjoy.

3)    London Eye

The giant Ferris Wheel, based on the South Bank of the Thames, has become a symbol of New Year’s Eve celebrations in the last few years.  This amazing wheel allows for the perfect quiet to admire some bird’s eye views of London. If you fancy celebrating – or just treating yourself – you can even book yourself into one of the packages on offer, including afternoon tea or champagne. Once you reach the top – a lofty 135m high – you can see 25 miles in every direction (again, weather permitting!)

4) Greenwich Observatory

Many Londoners list this as one of their favourite landmarks and when you visit you know why. Way back in 1675, Sir Christopher Wren designed Flamsteed House to house the Royal Observatory, sitting atop a perfectly steep hill in Greenwich Park. From here, you can expect perfect panoramic views of the city, right the way down to the River Thames.

5) King Henry’s Mound, Richmond Park

Richmond Park feels as if it’s miles from London, but it is a royal London park. Named after Henry VIII, this is Richmond Park’s highest point and, amazingly, will allow you to gaze across to St Paul’s Cathedral, 10 miles east. In fact, this view is so beautiful that a law from 1710 says that nothing can be built to obscure it.

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