Where is it hot in February? Best Destinations for a Winter Warm-up

We’ve still got a couple of months to go until thaw out, so where is it hot – or at least warm – this month?  It’s not officially sunbathing weather in places like Mallorca, the Greek Islands or the Algarve yet – although they do get their share of “spring in full fling” days and you should get plenty of sunshine among a few rainy days.

But for temperatures that sit comfortably in the twenties, it’s a question of looking further south. Thailand, Morocco, South Africa, Florida, California and Dubai are all good bets at this time of year and if it’s “dry” you’re after, look at desert destinations like the Sahara, Vegas or Palm Springs.


Thailand shows average temperatures in the high twenties at this time of year so you’ll get your fill of picture postcard scenery with slim palm trees, fringed beaches and turquoise water against a backdrop of brilliant white sand.  The popular resorts are scattered around the islands, including Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui, Pattaya and Phuket. Thailand is also an affordable destination – once you’ve paid for the airfare to get there.


Dubai is too sweltering in summer – temperatures are way up into the 40s which is too hot for some! But in February, the picture is very different.  Expect temperatures in the high teens to low twenties at this time of year and if urban beaches with vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping tick your boxes, Dubai will definitely fit the bill.


Classic winter sun favourite, modern vibe…with art deco architecture…it can only be Miami! You won’t get days over 25C probably until after Easter but right now the mercury should be hovering at around a very respectable low twenties, at the least.  You can expect the odd shower as it’s still winter, but you’ll get lashings of sunshine to make the most of your days here, whether you’ll be shopping and tanning or doing the culture vulture thing.  Miami is full of superb examples of art deco details and architecture – it’s a dream destination for design fans and you’ll love soaking up its legendary movie star vibe. Expect 8-9 hours of daily sunshine – plenty to recharge those British batteries with!


Rather like every Canary Island rolled into one, Tenerife is the most popular but it’s also, in some ways, the most surprising.  Yes, it’s packed to the gills with nightlife and resorts, but if you have time to tour the island by car you’ll experience the parts many other tourists miss – like Mount Teide, its famous volcano, or the pretty white villages dotted around its hillsides.

More stable temperature-wise than, say the Algarve, Greek Islands or Sicily, you can expect early twenties and then mid-twenties as we edge towards summer.  One thing to remember, though – the southern shore is warmer and drier than the north, so bear that in mind when you’re looking at resort locations.  


With more and more flights from the UK to Marrakech and Agadir, Morocco is a sure thing if you’re after mid-twenties temperatures in February – and it’s a shorter flight to Marrakech from the UK than it is to any of the Canaries.  Morocco, unlike other North African countries, is a Kingdom, where they take courteous protocol very seriously – expect to be greeted by warm smiles, deliciously sweet orange juice and an “anything is possible” attitude. Temperatures in Marrakech hover around 25C in February, so you can spend the morning at the souk, the afternoon by the pool, and the evenings in the medina.   If you don’t fancy staying in the medina itself, book a suite at a resort in La Palmeraie – it’s just 15 minutes outside the centre, very peaceful, and where a lot of the five star resorts are.

Waking up to brilliant warm sunshine with snow on the Atlas Mountains in the distance is one of the most memorable parts of a Marrakech break – and don’t forget to buy some “amlou”, Morocco’s argan oil, toasted almond and honey version of Nutella.


Cyprus can be a bit touch and go (but it’s more stable than Crete) in winter, but you should get some nice sunny days, even if it’s not full-on sunbathing weather yet.  But it’s close to home and if winter feels like it’s dragged on too long, a week in the Cyprus sunshine will feel like a tonic. Everyone has their favourite resort, so if you’ve never been before, do a bit of research on YouTube to check out the different parts of the island – or better still, hire a car and “do them all” while you’re there!


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