What’s not to love about The City of Love? Paris tops the list in a new Most Romantic Weekend Survey

Gone are the days when timeshare was one week in Spain, the same week year in, year out.  Nowadays, romantic city breaks, urban timeshare escapes and long battery-recharging weekends are very much a part of the timeshare lifestyle’s continuously evolving exciting new offerings.

Fractional ownership opened up the city shared ownership “model” in a big way some years ago, making urban getaways the latest way for timeshare owners who own points to take a break without taking too much time off.

Now, in a quest to find Londoners’ favourite romantic weekend away, International Currency Exchange have conducted a survey to determine which European city is officially “the most romantic”.

As expected, Rome and Venice are up there but Paris still holds the crown as the definitive City of Love and The Perfect Croissant, coming out on top.

Over 2,000 people took part across London and the survey asked numerous questions about romantic weekends away – from best value for money to how much they would be prepared spend on a special dinner for two. Not only was Paris voted the most romantic destination, it also took top spot when it came to value for money and it’s one of the easiest cities to get to thanks to all the no-frills flights from the UK and Eurostar for those who prefer to travel overland.

Financially, the survey showed that Britons don’t let love go to their heads, sticking to a relatively low budget for the entire weekend. The results showed that 63 per cent spend over £200 but definitely no more than £500. Of course, when away in a dazzling romantic city, splashing the cash on a special dinner is a must – although nearly a third of Londoners said that they wouldn’t consider spending more than £74 including wine. However as the pound is getting stronger again against the pound, Brits will enjoy a little more spending power – really good news if you just know you’ll be craving a European getaway once February sets in!


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