Welcome to Canada, the World’s Favourite Brand!

FutureBrand have named Canada the No.1 country brand in the world again for the second year running, with Switzerland in second place. (If you’re wondering where the UK was ranked, read on…!)

Canada has kept its top spot in its 2011 Country Brand Index (CBI) again, the most comprehensive global study of how travellers rate and perceive countries around the world. The rankings are based on a global sample of online interviews of leisure and business travellers and it’s a great result especially Canadians are great travellers themselves.

Canada is a popular timeshare destination for city-based and sports holidays, and its ski resorts such as Whistler rate among the best in the world. The Laurentian Mountains in Montreal are probably one of the best places to visit for autumn colours – Montreal itself is full of French flavour with a vibrant music scene, while Toronto offers the best of urban living, right by a lake.

The survey last year assessed 110 countries through online interviews with thousands of travellers.
According to the CBI, the most important factors that really do differentiate a nation’s brand are its associations and attributes – in other words, the qualities immediately people think of when they hear a country’s name, read or see images of a location, or plan a business or leisure trip.

Around 3,400 business and leisure travellers from 13 countries were asked to assess countries across five key criteria – ‘value system’, ‘quality of life’, ‘good for business’,’heritage’ and ‘culture and tourism’. In third spot was New Zealand, then Japan, Australia and the USA. Rounding out the top 10 were Sweden, Finland, France and Italy. At the bottom of the table was Pakistan which came in 113th.

Australia fell from the number two spot last year, while the USA dropped from number four. Despite the Royal Wedding and next year’s Summer Olympic Games in London, the UK fell from a number nine ranking in 2010 to 13th spot in the rankings.

Maxime Bernier, Canada’s minister of state for small business and tourism, said: "Canada’s continued rating at the top of Futurebrand’s Country Brand Index is a testament to our country’s global appeal.

"We have a wealth of compelling experiences for travellers, and our government is committed to sustaining this momentum by promoting Canada in innovative ways on the international stage."

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