What will we miss most this Christmas (if we’re abroad)?

More than four million Britons are set to jet off to sunnier spots including their favourite timeshare resorts over the festive season, so will those of us making a getaway miss the Queen’s speech, chilly nights and possibly snow on Christmas morning?

According to a new survey by Carehiremarket.com, it’s the simple luxuries of life – teabags, tap water and “my own bed” that we miss the most while we’re away on holiday.

Top of the list came “my own bed”, a priority for 30% of those surveyed, and somewhat surprisingly, being able to drink straight from the tap came second (17%).

2,000 British adults were polled and many of them said they missed the simple, everyday things, like decent cup of tea in the morning!

According to the poll, the Welsh came out as a nation of home comfort lovers, with 40% saying they’d miss their own bed the most. Those from the East Midlands would most likely crave a proper cuppa (12% vs. 5% GB-wide) while the top British pub lovers of the UK are likely to live in the North West, as residents there are more likely to miss their local pub when jetting off to another country (5% vs. 2% GB wide).

Respondents in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset areas miss their favourite TV programmes more than any other region, at 13%, 5% above the national average.

Men, especially, missed their own car, while 25% of those polled said they didn’t miss anything at all about being back home.

  • My own bed (30%)
  • Tap water (17%)
  • Favourite TV programmes (8%)
  • Knowing my way around (7%)
  • My usual teabags (5%)
  • My own car (3%)
  • Driving on the left hand side of the road (3%)
  • My local pub (2%)
  • None of these (25%)

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