Same place, same time, next year…?

A new survey commissioned by leading holiday exchange organisation RCI reveals that two-thirds of British holidaymakers tend to return to the same resort more than once.

What might be more surprising is that 11% admitted they’d returned to the same resort half a dozen times or more – with the reasons given being as simple as the fact that they’d had such a good time they just wanted to repeat the same holiday, while others effectively said that once they’d found somewhere they enjoyed, why look anywhere else?

Nearly half those surveyed said they did the same activities on holiday and one third went back to the same restaurant(s) or bar(s) they’d already been to before.

Respondents also stated they were happy to return to the same resort overall because they liked familiarity aspect (14%) and also liked the fact there was no stress involved in trying out a new resort – in other words, knowing what to expect with no unexpected surprises was a contributing factor towards making the holiday more relaxing (12%).

However, according to Sean Lowe, managing director of RCI, 35% of British holidaymakers would in fact try a different holiday if they could be sure it would be as enjoyable as their usual resort .

Mr Lowe said: “We commissioned the research to gain insight into people’s holiday habits and what is important is guaranteeing they have a good time. While travelling and trying different experiences suits some people, it’s apparent that ensuring a consistent quality and knowing what you’re buying is important to many which is why timeshare holidays and holiday exchange have remained popular. Over a third (35%) of the people we surveyed who ‘repeat holiday’, said they would actually try a different holiday if they knew they would get a similar experience.”

Even the culinary habits of those who participated in the online survey turned out to be quite predictable. Almost one-fifth said they’d only eat food they were familiar with and 12% said they order the exact same meal.

The survey was conducted by Online Opinions, and featured 1,000 adults who were polled in February 2012.

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