Perspective Magazine’s Susan Knox gets ready for her first half marathon charity run

When she’s not writing timeshare news or organising the GNEX conference for leading industry magazine group Perspective International, this summer Susan Knox is somehow managing to squeeze in the time to train for her first ever half marathon.

Susan will be running to raise funds for cancer charity the Toma Fund and is training for the 13.1 mile Great North Run which happens on 18th September.

It’ll be broadcast live on the BBC and BBC Radio 5 and is Britain’s most famous half-marathon charity race.

Around 54,000 runners will participate in the BUPA 31st Great North Run and to help Susan eat up those miles, you can donate to the Toma Fund at her Just Giving page:

About The Toma Fund

(Registered charity number 1142271)

Jordan Thompson (Toma) was a teenager with a love for life whose spirit and determination touched everyone who met him. A rising football star, Jordan never let his battle with illness get him down or dampen his enthusiasm – in fact even even while suffering himself he continued to support everyone around him.

Jordan passed away from his illness at age 15 four years ago, but his enthusiasm and spirit and now the Toma Fund are his legacy.

The fund is dedicated to helping N E children, teenagers, young people and their families who are fighting cancer. Wit aims to ease the financial burdon of families supporting their children and provides items that will give these brave children and young people a boost and aid with their recovery.

To help Susan help young sufferers of cancer, and their families, you can donate here:

Please help smash Susan’s target of £200 – and you catch the race live on the BBC on Saturday 18th September.

GNEX 2012

Perspective Magazine recently announced the second annual Global Networking Expo, GNEX 2012, will be held from January 31st to February 2nd, 2012, at the elegant Ritz Carlton Cancun in Cancun, Mexico.

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