London gets set for a busy Olympics

With less than eleven months now until the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, the final preparations leading up to the sports event the world will be watching next summer are shaping up.

London won the bid to host the Olympics back in 2005 and is on track to deliver an unforgettable games which kick off on July 27th.

Athlete and LOCOG chair, Sebastian Coe said: “With a year to go we are inviting the athletes, spectators and visitors from around the world to come to the UK next summer – it’s ‘London Calling’. Waiting for them will be a spectacular festival of sport and culture in the world’s greatest city, which will be more magical and vibrant than ever.

“There is much to do but we are absolutely on track and determined to stage Olympic and Paralympics which will deliver on the promises we made in Singapore, inspire the athletes and make the nation proud.”

Heathrow Airport officials are considering dedicating a special “Olympic Terminal” to handle passengers and baggage during the Olympics. Some 15,000 athletes from over 200 countries will compete in the Olympic and Paralympics.

So far, well over 3.5 million tickets have been sold, there are 250,000 people who have volunteered – 70,000 will actually be needed at the Olympics in various roles including guides.

Sports companies will be cashing in, as LOCOG will be awarding more than £700m worth of contracts, including purchasing more than 900,000 pieces of sporting equipment and construction of the Olympic Park is coming on well. Also being built is a special housing development next to an iconic sports zone,, where the athletes will stay during the games.

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The official London Olympics website is

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