Hollywood Comes To Glasgow – it’s the next stop for Brad and Angelina

Much to the delight of fans, Brad and Angelia are spending the rest of the summer in the UK while Pitt films his new movie World War Z. The Hollywood A-list couple whisked their six children off to Scotland this week to visit the next set of the new movie which is set in Philadelphia but actually being filmed in Europe.

Angelina has already been spotted shopping in London (she has been staying in Richmond) where the family have been based. Meanwhile, Pitt was on set in Falmouth, Cornwall, where hundreds of locals were hired as extras for the film. The couple chartered a private super yacht to buy some privacy, and, according to a spokesperson, to be able to see other parts of the Cornish coast rather than staying at a luxury hotel.

This week the couple chartered their own transportation again – this time, a Virgin train from Euston to Glasgow for a very private five hour journey. A Virgin spokeswoman refused to comment on the cost but said, “It is a bespoke service we offer, often used by football teams. The service includes catering.”

Another train operator revealed to Metro newspaper that the average cost of chartering a train for a trip like this one, without catering, would come to around £40,000.

The clan arrived at Euston station in a blacked out people carrier and looked happy and relaxed as they boarded the train to Glasgow, surrounded by bodyguards.

At Glasgow, the Hollywood touch continued when luxury silver minibuses were allowed on platform 11 to whisk the family off to their destination.

Lucky Scots will have Brad and Angelina as their guests this week, as Glasgow is the next base for the filming of the zombie movie for the next fortnight. Parts of Glasgow have been transformed into war-torn ruins for the next couple of weeks as filming continues.

As the film is set in Philadelphia, false shop fronts have been brought in and American cars will add to the whole American feel. A cast and crew of about 1,200 people are set to shoot scenes in Glasgow’s George Square and other city centre locations.

According to a BBC report, Glasgow City Council is delighted – they say the boost to the local economy is likely to be in excess of £2m.

Glasgow Film Office has been working with the production over the past few months to help secure locations in the city and co-ordinating arrangements with council departments and other public bodies to ensure minimal impact on normal business and access.

A number of roads in the city centre will be closed to traffic (details on the council website) and there will be restricted pedestrian access.

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