Brits Taking More Holidays Than In Past Three Years

According to a new World Travel Market industry report, this year Britons are taking even more holidays compared to the past three years.
Over half of the UK holidaymakers surveyed (52%) said they have taken more than one holiday in 2012, despite the recession. In fact 2012 is the first year that over a billion international holidays were booked, and statistics show that the trend has increased steadily since 2010.

In 2011, 41% said they had had more than one holiday, compared to only 24% in 2012. The figures also reveal that 13 % of holidaymakers went on three trips this year, 3% up on 2011’s figure of 10%.

One factor propelling this rise in getaways is the recent strength of the pound against the euro, allowing families’ holiday money to go further.
Timeshare has also remained resilient to the recession, and because families pay for for their timeshare weeks in advance, they’re not affected by hotel price hikes. With so many types of timeshare now on the market, buyers can choose the type of programme to suit their lifestyle, whether it’s regular breaks in the same resort, or a combination of points-based long weekends and long-haul holidays.

Travel money company Travel Cash confirms that holidaymakers spent 35 %more in the Eurozone this summer than the same time last year – a nice boost for the destinations’ local economies.

Myles Stephenson, founder and managing director of my Travel Cash commented on the findings: “British purchasing power abroad is set to continue well into the winter months, as our gloomy weather encourages more trips to warmer climates.

“The current rates compared to last year’s are still extremely favourable meaning holidaymakers are getting more for their money and if the summer is anything to go by, they are ready to spend.”

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