New CLC rentals division at World Travel Market

CLC Leisure, a new division of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels created to sell selected inventory through tour operators, online travel agencies and independent agents, launched at the World Travel Market in London showcasing the company’s new flagship resort in Turkey: Kusadasi Golf & Spa.

Club La Costa’s celebrity ambassador, TV broadcaster and journalist Jennie Bond, joined new leisure division director Laurence Hicks, an experienced travel industry professional formerly with Norwegian Coastal Voyages and Inghams, on the exhibition stand.

Says Hicks: “Tour operators and OTAs are looking for new and exclusive stock in our destinations. The specifications of our accommodation tend to be higher because it’s been created for individual owners.”

Club La Costa freehold division CLC Estates sells holiday homes at Club La Costa resorts, usually with a leasehold agreement in order to generate rental return and this, along with developer stock, is creating new business opportunity.

Hicks predicts that his division, including new tour operation clcholidays, will make significant impact in the travel world with on target business growth in year one.

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