Tourism Ireland and VisitBritain join forces for "One Break, Two Cities"

With its lush green landscapes, vibrant cities and charming locals, Ireland is always at the top of our city break list.

However, it seems our holiday secret is about to be shared further afield because in a bid to boost tourism numbers, Tourism Ireland and VisitBritain have joined together to announce a brand-new campaign.

The new “One Break, Two Cities” campaign has been launched to give visitors a chance to explore two destinations in one easy trip.

The campaign will be run across social media and other media outlets to boost the Irish Short Stay Visa waiver programme, particularly in the Middle East during the Eid holidays.

It’s hoped that the promotion will encourage holidaymakers from that region who are travelling to Britain to add on a visit to Dublin, Belfast or Cork, giving travellers the chance to explore and enjoy both destinations in one hassle-free trip, taking in the delights of both England and Ireland.

Amanda Burns, Tourism Ireland’s manager, said: “Tourism Ireland is working hard to raise the profile of the island of Ireland in the Gulf countries, and in other emerging tourism markets, as a premier holiday and business tourism destination.

“The ‘One Break, Two Cities’ package means visitors can easily combine two or more cities, across two countries, in one memorable holiday.

“As well as highlighting the Visa Waiver Scheme, Tourism Ireland is also emphasizing ease of access from the Middle East to the island of Ireland – with direct flights to Dublin from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways and from Dubai, with Emirates.”

The ‘One break, Two Cities’ campaign promotes all cities in Ireland and Britain, including suggested routes such as Cardiff to Dublin, Edinburgh to Cork or London to Belfast.

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