Top things to enjoy in Javea, the jewel of the Costa Blanca

Known as the jewel of the Costa Blanca, the beautiful port town of Jávea is set amidst stunning coastline and rugged mountains. Arguably more upmarket than some other towns on Spain’s famous Costas, it’s also renowned for having one of the healthiest climates in the whole world – one more valid reason to visit one of Spain’s prettiest regions if you haven’t discovered these shores yet.

If you’re looking for a glamorous getaway this Autumn, then here is why Jávea should be on your Spanish shortlist.

Romantic coves 

From romantic coves, to beautiful beaches and wonderful scenery, Jávea really does have it all. Throw in the pretty old town, a stunning port area, and plenty to see, do, eat and drink, and you’re spoilt for choice. We recommend a visit to what we think of as one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches – La Granadella, a horseshoe-shaped cove with sapphire blue waters and seagrass beds.

Stroll around Jávea old town

Enjoy the winding medieval streets of Jávea’s old town as you explore the pretty, whitewashed façades, colourful flower pots and arched doorways. Be sure to take in the 14th to 16th century Church of St. Barthomolew (Iglesia de San Bartolomé), then hit one of the many tapas bars for a leisurely lunch.

Unwind in the pretty port area

The port area of Javea is incredibly pretty and quaint and can be traced all the way back to the 15th century. Stroll through the narrow streets and between the fishermen’s houses, then watch out for the fishing boats to arrive, before taking in the fish auction.

Discover your inner foodie

This Spanish town is also a wonder for foodies, thanks to its exotic seafood and rice dishes. Expect plenty of fresh produce comes from the fertile valley of St. Barthomolew (favourites include raisins, legumes, figs, saffron and dried red peppers). If you’re lucky, you could also catch one of the many food events run throughout the year – in the old town, towards the end of September, the Tapas Festival takes place, and in October there’s another Tapas Festival in the port área.

Take the scenic route

A nature lover’s paradise, you can expect plenty to take your fancy. From the lush, green landscapes to the marine reserve, a natural park and plant micro-reserves, there are plenty of places to admire and snap for your memories. You can also explore islands, cliffs, coves, capes, beaches, mountains and valleys.

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